The Order 1886 Delayed till 2015


Today on the PlayStation Blog. Ready at Dawn officially announced what a lot of people were thinking would happen. The Order 1886 has been delayed till early 2015.  The stated reason is that they need more time to work on the experience they promised when they announced the game last year.

The Order 1886 was the big PS4 exclusive that we all thought would help carry PlayStation through the holiday season. With this delay until early 2015 that is no longer the case.

The PS Nation team is still very excited for this game. Glenn got to see the first video of it at GDC a few months ago. You can read about his impressions here. Kyle just posted the most recent gameplay video a few days ago here. And finally, Chazz did an awesome Wondering About article a few months ago.

So how do you feel about delays? Are release dates announced to soon?

Source: PlayStation Blog

Written by Dave Hunt

Dave Hunt

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  • Boy that Sony line up for this year is shrinking. I was looking forward to this game. But again, it’s nice that if it needs more time, better to delay it.

    • ChazzH69

      I wouldn’t worry, I don’t think Sony is.

      • Maybe not, but they should be. Microsoft is not out of the game, them having a stronger E3 can turn the tides on the sales.

        • HobbitHubby

          Agreed Stoff, with this delay, Sony essentially has no AAA games to show at E3 for 2014 release. The exception is the remastered Last of Us, which really is only something that old 360 gamers like myself are itching to play. Playstation Now better knock our socks off.

          • I’m sure they have more. But have a feeling most of it is going to be indie stuff. Sony was smart to back them up to fill in the gap that first party are lacking. It will still be a solid year for Sony, but I have a funny feeling MS will win E3 just over all from their content.

          • London Rhodes

            Sony has, what 11 internal studios (in that ballpark I think)? I never would have thought there fall lineup would look so….lacking in fall 2014. God I’m hope I’m wrong. I love indie games but a man cant live on those alone.

          • Well It’s a good thing a bad thing. The good was because they were still supporting the PS3 and still are. The bad, it didn’t give them a lot of time to ramp up first party for PS4 like it should be.

  • HobbitHubby

    This is actually a good thing. It’s a new IP with a lot of buzz. If it got released half-baked it would be disasterous.

  • Keith Dunn

    I don’t think this is a bad thing. And I also don’t really think there is such a thing, IN REALITY, as CONSOLE WARS! Yes. I said it!
    Look at last gen. Apart from games coming out sporadically or some games being irrelevantly better on one console than another by a metric of inconsequence EVERYONE got to play video games and have a great time with the boxes in their houses.
    Not one other THING matters one good God Damn. Not really.