Loadout – PS4 Console Exclusive, Free to Play


Warning the trailer you are about to see contains excessive violence, gore and fun. Edge of Reality are bringing their insane free-to-play game to the PlayStation 4 as a console exclusive. It was released earlier this year on the PC and has grown quite a large following already. Here is what makes Loadout so different:

Loadout is Free to Play, not Pay to Win. Playing Loadout earns Blutes, which can be used in the Tech Tree to unlock more weapon parts, payloads, and equipment. Spacebux are purchasable but optional, and spent in the Outfitter for character customization and cosmetics, never power.

Pick from two ways to play: Casual and Competitive. Casual offers the core Loadout experience and Competitive is for the serious gamer seeking to take it to the next level. Switch between modes at any time.

Create, Customize, Kill! is the Weaponcrafting slogan for a reason. Unleash your inner mad-scientist to craft guns for every map and situation. There are billions of combinations—what’s your Loadout?

Loadout is the fast-paced, free to play multiplayer shooter featuring over-the-top frenetic action, comedic violence, and Weapon crafting with billions of combinations.

Let us know what you think of this insane game in the comments below.

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Written by Chazz Harrington

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