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With another E3, comes another Ubisoft press conference; full of the publisher’s French-y quirkiness. Just as we have been accustomed to seeing over the last three years, Ubisoft’s press conference started off with Aisha Tyler taking the stage as the host. Showing a wide breadth of titles, covering a huge number of genres, the games presented were mostly fantastic.

Though Ubisoft had already announced Fry Cry 4, it was the game that started the press conference. Just as Vaas, the main antagonist of Far Cry 3, was featured in the first trailer, the new villain of Far Cry 4 took the forefront of the first trailer for the game.


The new antagonist, Pagan Min, is a stylish baddie who is known for his charisma as well as his cruelty and calculated brutality. Just like Vaas instilled a sense of utter terror as you watched his lifeless, crazed eyes as he went on a rant about insanity; Pagan Min brought the same level of horror, if not more. The interesting thing, just from the short 5 minute video we got to watch of Far Cry 4, we already can see major differences between Vaas and Pagan Min. While Vaas was scary in his own way, Pagan Min seems to have a very surreal balance between being calm and collected and teetering on insanity. While there wasn’t any true gameplay shown, the trailer did confirm that Far Cry 4 is a stunningly-beautiful game. Just before Far Cry 4 was taken off stage, we learned it will be hitting on November 18th, 2014.

After some good product placement for Ubisoft’s latest, WATCH_DOGS, Tyler moves off on to the next game in the lineup, Just Dance 2015. We all know how popular this dancing game is, but to drive the point home, Tyler mentioned that over 100 million players have ‘interacted’ with the Just Dance franchise since 2009. And then, just as you would expect, the dancing montage video begins to ‘Happy’.


After the trailer ended, Just Dance executive producer Jason Altman took the stage to introduce their latest title. Just Dance Now will allow gamers to use their smartphone to connect to the Just Dance store, where you will pick the song you wish to dance to. Your TV will act as your second screen to your smartphone. After selecting a song, there was a huge influx of dancers that came out onto stage, into the aisles and even up in the balconies to put on a huge dancing snore-fest; with a “winner” being crowned at the end of the song. Come on Ubisoft, you don’t need to do that at your press conference.

Moving from a family-friendly dancing game to a bleak, apocalyptic version of New York City, in Tom Clancy’s The Division. While The Division received gameplay footage at the Microsoft conference, Ubisoft showed more off about the world that the game takes place in. Even though we didn’t learn much of the game itself, we learned, yet again, that the game looks absolutely stunning.


The trailer was an interesting look at the world of the The Division through the eyes of a person who has experienced the environment-shaping events first-hand. While we hear a person talking and see the end result of their actions portrayed in the world, the people themselves are invisible – which is a very good analogy of how the game works. The Division isn’t about a single person, it is about the world as a whole and the civilization which inhabits it. As the trailer carried on, I was more blown away every second watching the trailer – this game is fantastic to look at.

Up next Ubisoft showed off The Crew, the new racing MMO that spans the entire length of the USA; allowing players to drive seamlessly from one coast to the next without a loading screen. The trailer shown during the game’s time in the spotlight showcased various cars speeding through various locations throughout the US in high-speed. Some of the locations that flashed on the screen were; desert, mountains, city, plains, national monuments and snow-covered areas.


It seems, from the trailer shown, that Ubisoft wants to drive home a sense of the relaxing, calming nature of driving, instead that of a faced-paced racer. It was quite nice to watch and as a non-driving game fanatic, it made me interested for sure. The Crew will be available November 11, 2014 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Assassin’s Creed Unity was the next title to take the stage at Ubisoft’s press conference. Just as The Division, Assassin’s Creed Unity was initially shown at the Microsoft press conference earlier in the day where they showed off the newly announced 4-player co-op gameplay. Feast your eyes on the gameplay they debuted during their press conference:


After watching that, we can see a couple other new tidbits about some new features in Assassin’s Creed Unity. Instead of the hidden blade, a new hidden crossbow can be used to take out targets from a distance, called the Phantom BladeThankfully, it may seem like your play experience won’t be dictated by some pre-defined story, instead, Ubisoft said that  “you will be able to create your own stories”. Who knows how this will actually come to be, but I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed on that we can tackle missions how we choose to. Overall, there seems to be a ton of new things that we can see about Assassin’s Creed Unity and it really just makes me even more excited about the game Needless to say, after I witnessed the gameplay trailer, I was sold and will definitely be buying Assassin’s Creed Unity when it comes out on October 28th, 2014.

Who likes to work out?! Do you?! Well, if you do, then Ubisoft might have announced the game that got your muscles all pumped and your heart rate up – Shape Up. 


Welcome to the next-gen version of your workout that is portrayed as a game. Shape Up plans to make the boring task of working out fun, by implementing some fundamental workouts into games to make you forget that your working out and enjoy what you’re doing. During the press conference, it was announced that Step Up was being developed with help from Microsoft so that implies a possible exclusive deal with them, but nothing was actually said – so you’re guess is as good as mine.

The showcase for Step Up continued as they brought out two developers from two of Ubisoft’s studios, one from the US and the other from France, to square off in a work-out competition. While the US won by doing more push-ups than the French guy, you could easily see that the US wasn’t really doing actual push-ups. So, needless to say, we won by cheating. BUT WE WON!!! GO USA!!!!

World War I was a brutal, tragic war; called ‘The Great War’. Through the course of the war countless heroes were made from the horrific events that transpired over the course of the war; with some of those stories being written down. While we still never saw any gameplay, we got to witness a new, emotional trailer for Valiant Hearts.


Then, Ubisoft decided to take off the gloves and showcase one of the biggest titles of the day – Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege. Um…well yeah. Just watch the gameplay reveal here. Yeah, I know; my jaw dropped as well watching that thing.

Anyway, as you witnessed, we got a look at actual gameplay from a multiplayer game session in the new Rainbow Six title that pitted two teams of 5 against each other to secure a hostage. Each player on the team seemed to be set as a specific class with what seems to be one class being the commander of the outfit. The game session seems to start off with a specific amount of time where the enemy is allowed to fortify their location by placing up traps and armored areas while the attacking team can case the place to find weak points and learn their opponents traps.

After a minute or so of preparation, the game begins with the attacking team trying to infiltrate the oppositions hideout and taking the hostage they have. In a blaze of teamwork, gunfire, explosions, we get to see the vast array of potential gameplay scenarios that can be achieved with a good plan. Cover can be used, but watch out as it can also be destroyed rather easily.

And there you have it, Ubisoft’s press conference wasn’t one of history-making announcements, but it also wasn’t one that you’d want to forget. With some major reveals related to new and existing games, it was a treat to witness and be part of. Their conference has, to me, cemented themselves as easily one of the best publishers in the business with some very unique and fresh games while also building on those fantastic franchises.

Written by Kyle Jessee

Kyle Jessee

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