Planetside 2 impressions – massive warfare has never been this fun


PlanetSide 2 is one of the many MMOs coming to the PlayStation 4 and with that scene quickly becoming populated, it is important for each game to find its hook or speciality to stand out.

How this game plans to differentiate itself is by controlling like a competent first person shooter. Unlike other MMO FPS games out there, the developers at SOE are focused on making sure the shooting aspect is nailed down. I can safely report after watching and getting my hands on the game that they are on the right track to make a great feeling shooter. Everything from the gunplay to the movement of the character moved fluidly.  It’s difficult to describe why the controls feel right without going into how other games do it wrong, but rest assured this plays and feels like a proper FPS first and an MMO second, but that is not to underscore the MMO aspect of the game because based on what was shown from the PC version, which is currently available, the world is huge with battles happening throughout as the three factions battle for control of the map.


Dropping into a game is done similar to Starhawk, as you are dropped onto the map via a Drop Pod which needs to be strategically placed because it appeared that you could land behind enemy lines which will lead to an easy death if the base is guarded or you are deep into enemy territory. Imagine the promises made by MAG of a huge battle being fought, but instead of having to jump into a lobby and being limited to a specific part of the map the whole world is available and accessible by foot, vehicles, and air.

Unfortunately the UI for the PlayStation 4 version wasn’t fully up yet as they are trying to find the best way to display all the information present currently in the menus on PC. They are aware of other MMO’s difficulties with UI and are working on solutions to make the best possible experience for console gamers. Which is good to hear since past MMOs to make the jump to consoles have been troubled in the UI department.

Currently there are hopes for a 2014 launch on PS4, but they are in no rush to push the game out before it is ready. With promises of a fair and complete free to play experience PlanetSide 2 looks very promising. For those interested in giving the game a shot on PS4, information on the beta is expected in the near future.

Written by Michael Cwick

Michael Cwick

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