E3 2014 Impressions: Table Top Racing


Table Top Racing from Playrise Digital was released on mobile platforms in 2013 and is now ready to make the jump to the PlayStation Vita in a couple months. Moving from mobile to a proper gaming system is something many games can struggle to do as mobile games are built around touch controls and usually micro transactions luckily Table Top Racing is a game that should have an easier transition because of the type of game it is and the pedigree of the team behind the title.

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Table Top Racing is a racer that uses toy cars that are like the classic Micro Machines and since they are toy cars their tracks are what kids would use which equates to about anything. Tracks are built around everyday items like a picnic table with cups and food surrounding the tracks to shape the track with obstacles, ramps, and shortcuts. The game really reminded me of a PS One franchise called Army Men which was a game where those little green toy soldiers had their battles in areas like a refrigerator or backyard.

Table Top Racing PS Vita screenshot (3)

The racing controls felt tight and the game moved at a smooth speed. I spent most of my time playing the Combat mode, which by far was the most fun. Like many combat racers, you drive around the track picking up power ups like missiles and bombs and battled the other cars on the track for first place. The weapons were pretty standard which was a shame, but the solid racing made up for that. Other modes included Hot-Lap, Speed-Trial, Pure Race, Pursuit, and Eliminator so there is variety in gameplay and with 4 player online and leaderboards there will be replay value. The game will feature a single player campaign which is set up in an events style format and will have leaderboards as each event is unlocked based on completion and rating. 

Catalyst Vita PDEL-1001

As for the cars, there are 17 cars each equipped with a special ability which have a stamina meter that recharge. Most cars if not all of them have another special ability that gives them the ability to use special short cuts on certain tracks and while that worried me about the possibility of that unbalancing the game I was assured that it will not be a factor in races as it has been balanced. The one car I used was a bunny themed car and that did bunny hops which in a certain spot of the track let it take a short cut that was only accessible by that vehicle. This is a neat idea, but regardless it did worry me in terms of balance and fairness, but the race was fun and online will likely balance itself out with people picking the right cars for the right tracks. This could add an extra element of strategy when competing online which could be a good element to the online experience.

Table Top Racing PS Vita screenshot (4)

Table Top Racing is due for release sometime this summer for the PlayStation Vita.

Written by Michael Cwick

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