E3 2014 Impressions: Tales from the Borderlands


We had a closed door session with Telltale Games at E3 last week where they showed us a good forty minutes or so of the upcoming Tales from the Borderlands. Following the pattern of other Telltale adventures, the game will be a five part series with a Season Pass option at a discount.

As to where and how it fits within the timeline of the Borderlands universe, we learned that it’s set after the events of Borderlands 2. If you haven’t finished that game and still plan on doing so, best do it before this comes out.

The two main characters in the game are Rhys, a Hyperion executive looking to get ahead and Fiona, a grifter-type from Pandora. The two of them hate each other but through a set of unfortunate circumstances find themselves forced to work together.


The game has the signature Telltale movement and graphical style but it’s clearly Borderlands. Fans of that series will feel right at home as everything from character introductions and the humor to lockers and outhouses full of loot that look like they came right out of the original games.

Loot grabbing is automatic and you’ll be able to equip and use bots during your adventures. Combat is similar to what been done in other recent Telltale series and for what this game is, it looks like it works well.

There are a ton of callbacks to the original games which will delight Borderlands fans but it’s not necessary to play them before this. Newcomers will be able to get up to speed as enough is explained in the intro and throughout the game.

There’s also a ton of recognizable voice talent in the game with Patrick Warburton, Sam Witwer, Chris Hardwick and Nolan North to name a few. They all sound great from what was shown, really nailing the essence of a Borderlands game.

Tales from the Borderlands will release later this year on pretty much everything with a screen.


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