E3 2014 Impressions: CounterSpy


Until the first PlayStation made it possible to play games like Metal Gear Solid, the stealth genre was a bit boring, unfulfilling, and lackluster.  To stick with one of the most popular games of its type, the Metal Gear titles from the MSX and NES, although they’re great games in their own right, do not hold up over time and it’s clear that Kojima’s vision was hindered by the hardware of the era.  In CounterSpy, players are offered a 2D, simplified stealth experience that is able to both demand skill and incite intrigue.  This is a feat that I’ve only recently seen done successfully with Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate.

Brought to us by the independent developer Dynamighty, CounterSpy takes place in an alternate history Cold War era and utilizes 1950’s and 60’s aesthetics.  Players will move right and left on a 2D plane, hurdling over obstacles and performing cover-based takedowns.  Approaching cover will prompt the ability to hide behind it, and the viewpoint of the game will then change so that you’re able to aim and shoot your silenced pistol, stealthily taking out baddies and progressing through the uniquely beautiful levels.

In addition to the genre staple of the silenced pistol, a machine gun and a “Sandman Sleeper” made their way into my E3 demo.  CounterSpy will involve the different options available to stealth players, giving us the choice to run-and-gun or clear out rooms of enemies without so much as raising suspicion.  Destructible cameras, procedurally generated levels, and awesome animations during melee takedowns bring the world to life while exploding safes and lockers give us weapon blueprints and collectible intel.

CounterSpy will be available this summer for PS4, PS3, Vita, Android, and iOS.  The game will be cross buy on PlayStation platforms and even progress from the mobile versions can be brought to the consoles.

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Written by Emrah Rakiposki

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