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Oh Bloodborne, how I savor the day till you are in my PlayStation 4 and I get to spend countless hours playing/cursing at/shouting at you. Though we still have to wait till 2015 to play the final version the game’s producer, Masaaki Yamagiwa, took to the PlayStation Blog to give us some new details about a new combat element in the game, show some new beautiful screenshots and even show us a new trailer – the trailer was also shown during Sony’s Gamescom press conference.

The three new themes From Software is pursuing with Bloodborne are: fear and exploring the unknown, intense life-and-death battles, and new and unique online experiences.

Last month at E3 we got to see our first official glimpse at Bloodborne which showed the city of Yharnam; but this is only were the game begins. Mr. Yamagiwa has confirmed that we will be taken to a multitude of different locations that will test our stamina and cause clammy-hands.

Like with Demon’s Souls, there’s a lot of emphasis on achievement and reward, that sense of accomplishment from overcoming seemingly impossible challenges. With Bloodborne, the goal is to take that to the next level, which requires focusing on more than just a high difficulty level. To really build up that sense of achievement, not only are there new elements of fear, but we are adding new layers of edge-of-your-seat tension, where your palms sweat as you grip the controller.

Mr. Yamagiwa reassured all of the Souls’ series fans out there, he reiterated that though Bloodborne gameplay might give you ideas of it being more of a hack-n-slash game; we reassured us that this was not the case. Though the character movement in Bloodborne is far faster, and the removal of defensive mechanics have not removed the need to play the game strategically, in fact it means you need to more strategic. To keep the action faced paced and frantic, a new combat mechanic is being introduced for Bloodborne, called the Regain System.

The Regain System works by allowing the player to heal themselves for a few short seconds after being damaged by an enemy.

The Regain System allows players to recover health lost after taking damage by striking back at enemies within a short time period with a bladed weapon. Basically, The Regain system allows players a way to channel that negative energy they feel from taking a hit, and direct it back at the enemy to get revenge and steal back the health they lost.

The amount of health you can recover will be shown in yellow in the HP gauge, and it will get shorter over time if you hesitate to strike. You will still have to be smart and strategic with your strikes, as attacking indiscriminately could lead to taking more damage at the hands of the enemy. Now, the strategy and skill come into play in your offensive and counter-attack tactics, rather than waiting and timing defensive tactics just right.

Can’t have any good fights without awesome weapons, right? Well Mr. Yamagiwa dove into those details as well; talking about the uses for the various guns you will get, but re-itterating that mêlée attacks are the most useful and powerful.

With Bloodborne we are also seeing an evolution in the weapon design. Set in a more modern 19th Century style gothic setting, you’ll have firearms like the blunderbuss shotgun at your disposal to drive back multiple enemies at a distance, and to do massive damage at close range. But the core of the combat will be the transforming blade weapons that decorate the screen with copious amounts of blood.

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