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We’ve got some good news and some bad news. Straight from the Atlus press release here is the info, let me get the bad news out of the way first:

In effort to have more champagne time – whoops, I mean CAMPAIGN time! – we are pushing back the release of Citizens of Earth from October, 2014, to the coincidentally-more-suitable election month: November!

So what about the good news I hear you ask, well here it is:

We’ll be releasing Citizens of Earth for $14.99 on each of the five platforms it’s available for. That’s PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, and PC if you haven’t been keeping count!

No one likes delaying games, but hopefully the $14.99 price point for 30+ hours of classic JRPG-inspired entertainment will assuage those pains.


What is this game I hear you ask, well check out the video and information below:

Citizens of Earth is an RPG that places you in the shoes of the Vice President of the World! He’s a classic bureaucrat: charming, charismatic, but practically useless. Being the bureaucrat you are, you don’t actually want to get your hands dirty. Thus you go about using your charisma to recruit normal townsfolk to help you investigate and fight your battles for you.

citizens-of-earth-screens-01 citizens-of-earth-screens-02

It’s Earthbound meets Pokemon/Suikoden

Instead of the traditional warrior, mage, etc. from fantasy RPGs, you’re able to recruit and fight with the town Baker, Barista, School Teacher, Homeless Guy, and plenty of other seemingly ordinary characters brought to life in unique and charming ways!

Recruit Everyone!
Since the NPCs of most games are the heroes of Citizens of Earth, there aren’t any non-recruitable NPCs. Everyone in the game is either a potential party member or an enemy. So get out there and recruit your team of Citizens and stomp the enemies!

citizens-of-earth-screens-03 citizens-of-earth-screens-04

A Modern Indie RPG!
In the true spirit of Eden Industries, we’ve taken the best of classic retro RPGs and combined it with the aesthetics of modern gaming. Say goodbye to random encounters and low-res art and prepare yourselves for a world alive with high definition 2D animation and environments, dynamic particle effects, and a wide variety of fancy effect like bloom lighting, heat distortion, and dynamically lit environments that create a 2D world unlike anything you’ve seen before. But don’t take our word for it: check out some screenshots.

Broader, Not Longer
Tired of the classic RPG grind? Citizens of Earth has got you covered! In order to make a game that appeals to both hardcore RPG players and those just looking for a humorous romp through a fun world, an emphasis is placed on crafting an experience that is enjoyable for those just looking to explore the story as well as those who want to find everything Citizens of Earth has to offer. If you want depth and a wide world to explore, you’ll find it. If you want a streamlined experience that lets you see the highlights without getting bogged down in minutia, you’ll find it too!

There’s an extraordinary amount of content in Citizens of Earth as most Citizens are optional to recruit and most areas are optional to explore. It combines the best of classic JRPG designs with the open-world approach popularized in Western RPGs to make an RPG that has something for every type of gamer.

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