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Earlier today the talented folks at Laughing Jackal released a teaser trailer for their upcoming PlayStation Vita game. Check out a few screens and some information about the game.

A blend of top down twin-stick gameplay and ‘pyroguelike’ mechanics, Flame Over is a highly original firefighting game featuring randomly generated levels, near-death experiences at every turn, and a clever dynamic fire system that spreads and burns through the Infernal Industries building as you play.

The footage in the teaser was all taken from the latest pre-alpha version of the game and features scenes from Flame Over’s starting game zone, the Infernal Industries Office.

flame-over-screens-01 flame-over-screens-02

Successfully guide your fireman, Blaze Carruthers, through the Office’s 4 danger-filled floors and you’ll move on to the opulent Executive zone, the hazardous Laboratory, and the highly explosive Factory zone, all of which are packed with even greater dangers! On top of all that firefighting, Flame Over is also a race against time. Rescuing helpless civilians is all that keeps your timer filled up, and some of them simply refuse to leave until you complete mini missions for them! Ingrates!


Lose too many innocents and you’ll be hunted by the Grim Reaper, who’s doesn’t care about silly things like fires, or walls, or doors, or anything much except killing poor Blaze. Having Grim on your tail while dodging a wall of fire can be a terrifying experience! As well as dancing with death, Blaze must also rescue cute little cats, buy over-priced powerups from our greedy Caretaker and complete mini missions to earn upgrades that’ll give you a little more chance to make it through unfrazzled.


source: PlayStation EU Blog

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