PlayStation Home to Close in Japan


Avatars in Japan will find themselves Homeless come the end of March 2015 as SCEJ will be closing down the PlayStation Home service in the region. In addition to this. purchases within Home will cease on September 24th, 2014 in Japan.

As of right now this closure appears to only affect Japan and other Asian territories. No word from SCEE or SCEA onĀ if this closure will reach Europe or America’s Home servers.

What is your reaction to the news of PlayStation closing up Home? Did you spend time and money in PlayStation Home, if not what could have Sony done to get your attention on their service?

Source: Joystiq via PlayStation Home Japan


Written by Michael Cwick

Michael Cwick

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  • Godmars

    Sounds like its just a matter of time until US and EU shutdown announcements. This announcement will likely effect traffic regardless if there’s any coming.

    Then again, thought that the US was getting a new push for content.

  • Derek / Beaver6622

    I personally never understood Home. I liked the idea of meeting players and finding a common game then go play it but the PS3 lacked the social ease that the PS4 has. I think it would work much better on the PS4…
    Then again I can’t imagine Sony getting rid of something if it’s profitable.

  • IceSamurai Dono

    I see, i think Godmars right, its not a question of “if” but “when” but time will tell. At one point i did the Home thing and put some money down but i played a Mogabe game and i put down at least $800 on that alone. Im more comfortable with spending $20 on odd things like Home. I guess im happy its gone because i feel it needed policeing and i dont think sony would ever had done that but i guess im jumping ahead lol.

    • Godmars

      Thing is, while I don’t go into Home as much I use to, they are adding new content. Tons of personal items and spaces, and even revitalizing arcade games with their own cabinets.

      It probably only has around two million visitors at this point, which isn’t much compared to 80 million available platforms for it, but then its still two million visitors. And they just put it on the Vita besides.

      • IceSamurai Dono

        Iv never made the Vita & Home comparison with Sony lack of support. I would still say its time is limited but im only guessing. You could be right.

  • Vinman

    Gaming suicide. Home was the deciding factor in the PS/Xbox decision for many gamers. RIP Sony, you blow anyway.

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