PlayStation Plus September Update 2014

Another month of PlayStation Plus games are announced and we have quite a mixed bag of titles including a few Cross-Buy titles making a total of eight games. Both the EU and NA get the same titles, which is nice.

Velocity 2X – Cross-Buy (PS4, PS Vita)
Sportsfriends – Cross-Buy (PS4, PS3) – “This is the game that my family had the most fun with and we were laughing and having a great time right from the beginning.” – Dave

PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale – Cross-Buy (PS3, PS Vita) – “A fantastic game that not only exudes a deep love for the history of the PlayStation platform, but also brings a deep fighting system while still being very accessible to everyone else.” – Glenn

PS Vita
Joe Danger 
TxK – “The gameplay is perfection, and how this fits onto the Vita as a portable title makes it a must-have for everyone” – Glenn

So what do you think of this line-up, let us know in the comments below.
Information taken from the US and EU PlayStation Blogs.

Written by Chazz Harrington

Chazz Harrington

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  • Mathew Bover danteofsmeg

    Very sad , makes xbox gold look good… wish i could pause my account to same wasting a month on this rubbish…..

    • Jahonius

      In what universe are these games “rubbish”?
      Yeah, sure, they’re no AAA games by big name publishers, but I don’t think these great games deserve to be called rubbish.

      • Mathew Bover danteofsmeg

        I guess we agree to disagree as i dont think these are anywhere near “great games” and gutted a wasted money on txk now its free , bit of a kick in the nuts

    • ChazzH69

      That was a funny comment. 🙂

      • Mathew Bover danteofsmeg
        • ChazzH69

          There is no doubt that the PlayStation community has some very passionate folks that seem to think every game on Plus should be:

          1. A game they don’t own.
          2. A brand new game.
          3. AAA or have no connection with the word ‘indie’
          4. Cater to their own particular genres.

          Sometimes I already have the games that appear in Plus or had no inclination of getting but then at least I get to try it out, on occasion I’m very glad as the game was brilliant.

          • Jahonius

            My point exactly. I missed out on some seriously good games, and without the free offerings, I would have never known games like PixelJunk Series, Machinarium, Spec Ops the Line, and so forth.

            I also like the fact that they sometimes give games that caught my interest but put me on the fence like Disgaea 3, which left me feeling thankful that I got to try them out for free instead of wasting real money on them (no offence to Disgaea fans – just not my style)

            There is a difference in speaking out opinions, and calling games that they don’t like “garbage” or “trash” as that also implies that people who love those games have trashy tastes.

          • Ramen_4_Life

            That’s the best way to approach the free offerings PS+ has to offer. Thanks for this.

  • Ramen_4_Life

    I’ve been meaning to buy PlayStation All-Stars, but my backlog of unfinished games kept getting in the way, so seeing it in the IGC is great news to me. I’ll also be downloading Velocity 2X, since I’m really enjoying the original.

    • Jahonius

      I’ve never tried Velocity games, but I guess I’ll finally get a chance to try them out this time.
      By the way, what is your favorite ramen?

      • Ramen_4_Life

        If it’s fresh, I prefer roast pork. If I’m making instant, I cook up some leftover meats and add that to the stock instead of the flavor packets.

        • Jahonius

          holy crap, that’s the legit Japanese style ramen
          I was asking about the instant ones tho..

          • Ramen_4_Life

            There’s only one place where I live that serves up fresh ramen noodles. It’s out of the way of my neighborhood, and I have to deal with traffic just to get there.

            But it’s soooooo good…

  • Mathew Bover danteofsmeg