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It only seems like yesterday that we had a Pool game for the PlayStation 4, you can check out the review for Pure Pool here. But the folks over at Cherry Pop Games want to steal the crown from Pure Pool and had it to their game, Pool Nation FX. Check out the gameplay video below, as well as some new screens and information.


pool-nation-fx-screen-02 pool-nation-fx-screen-01

The concept:

For us, the next in the Pool Nation series needed to simply be better; we knew we’d set the bar high, but to excel we knew we need to think outside the box (or in it, as the case may be). We needed to dig deep into the roots of what keeps pool current through the generations, find our own relationships with pool and provide that experience to gamers. As you will see, Pool Nation FX is much more than just a pool game – it’s your pool game, developed with you in mind!

pool-nation-fx-screen-03 pool-nation-fx-screen-04

An Epic announcement:

We can now, officially confirm that Pool Nation FX was indeed developed using Unreal 4, the engine of choice for Gears of War, Infinity Blade, and many more big titles. We have been extremely excited to unveil this news, It was an amazing opportunity for us which we grabbed with both hands – Unreal4 gave us the chance to create something truly epic, taking the game of pool to uncharted territories and we can’t wait to show you more!

New Features:

  • Fully customisable rule sets – giving you – the gamer – the chance to play pool your way, both offline and online.
  • All New Career mode – from qualifying rounds to cup final across six tournaments, to compete in the world final hosted in New York City; and the higher the difficulty level the more money there is to be earned!
  • Use the money earned to customise your table, cues and balls for more in game customisation
  • Earn Experience Points as you progress further through the game and increase your gaming status from beginner to pro and beyond
  • All new Versus Mode – with up to 8 people in a lobby, a large range of pre-set game modes, customisable rules, winner stays on, and varying AI difficulty levels
  • New Online system rewritten from the ground up – including but not limited to; Global Pool Leagues, fast paced quick tournaments, friendlies, all new game modes including Snooker, the ability to customise your matches and updated profiling system for better matchmaking
  • Spectate online matches
  • The original adrenaline pumping pool experience just got better in the new and improved Endurance mode, featuring new effects and varying AI difficulty levels
  • Artistic Pool – our exclusive trickshot editor, giving you the ability to create epic trickshots with 100s of objects; raise, lower and spin them on all axis. Artistic Pool is more than a sandbox mode
  • Trickshot Challenges – a variety of challenges, created for you, or created by you, challenge your friends playable both online and off.
  • Battle Pool – a multiplayer mode for even more ballsy fun
  • Snooker – playable online and offline
  • All new menus
  • A new stream line look, more atmospheric venues
  • New look HUD, power bar, aiming aid and in game hints, available to turn on or off – it’s your choice
  • Game launches straight into our practice table, more tables / locations become available as you progress through your pool career
  • Profile page – for up to date stats and in-depth player profiling with global rankings to compete against

….and if that’s not enough there’s more to come!

pool-nation-fx-screen-05 pool-nation-fx-screen-06

Written by Chazz Harrington

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