How To Upgrade the Hard Drive in Your PS4 (Video + Guide)


With the help of our community, we’ve put this definitive guide together to help you upgrade your PS4’s hard drive. We’re not saying that this is the hard drive that you “have” to use, but with people experiencing issues with other various drives, and with my personal experience with using a hybrid drive, it’s our recommendation to purchase the 2TB drive listed below for your PS4.

Seagate Backup Plus Slim 2TB Portable External Hard Drive with Mobile Device Backup USB 3.0 (Black) STDR2000100
*Note, this link is embedded with our Amazon affiliate link. If you’re in a different country or don’t want to use Amazon, not a problem. We’re just trying to make things easy

Now, the reason that we’re linking to an external drive is because it’s actually got the drive that’s been recommended by many of our community members inside of it, and it’s $20 cheaper than just buying the bare drive (weird, right?) The bonus is that the USB 3.0 enclosure the drive sits in can be reused with another hard drive (even the 500GB drive you pull out of your PS4).

You’ll need a USB Flash drive that you know works with the PS4. On that drive, you need to create a folder named PS4, and then in the PS4 folder, create another named UPDATE (Make sure that both folder names are in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS)

Next, you need to download a special firmware that’s specifically made for when you’re installing a replacement hard drive (Thanks Sony!)

Download the file to your PC or Mac, NOT directly to the USB Flash Drive

You can find the firmware at this link

It’ll look like: Download Now Click to start the download.

Copy that PS4UPDATE.PUP file from your PC/Mac into the UPDATE folder you created on the USB Flash Drive

You’ll need two screwdrivers. One flat-edge to help pry the cover open on the new external hard drive, and a Phillips screwdriver (on the smaller side) to get the drive caddy out of the PS4, and to get the 4 screws out of the drive.

Now, watch the video and follow along!

Some have asked about using a Hybrid drive. I’ve been using one for a few weeks now, and in my opinion, the minimal performance increase pales in comparison to having almost 2TB of storage. You can take that for what it is though, and these instructions will work with any compatible drive.

The same question has been asked regarding full SSD drives, which are very fast in comparison. Yes, the speed is nice, but the cost per GB, and the fact that SSD drives still don’t come with very much total storage available, limits the full benefit of using one. Again, my opinion, and if you have the cash, go for it.

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