How To Upgrade the Hard Drive in Your PS4 (Video + Guide)


With the help of our community, we’ve put this definitive guide together to help you upgrade your PS4’s hard drive. We’re not saying that this is the hard drive that you “have” to use, but with people experiencing issues with other various drives, and with my personal experience with using a hybrid drive, it’s our recommendation to purchase the 2TB drive listed below for your PS4.

Seagate Backup Plus Slim 2TB Portable External Hard Drive with Mobile Device Backup USB 3.0 (Black) STDR2000100
*Note, this link is embedded with our Amazon affiliate link. If you’re in a different country or don’t want to use Amazon, not a problem. We’re just trying to make things easy

Now, the reason that we’re linking to an external drive is because it’s actually got the drive that’s been recommended by many of our community members inside of it, and it’s $20 cheaper than just buying the bare drive (weird, right?) The bonus is that the USB 3.0 enclosure the drive sits in can be reused with another hard drive (even the 500GB drive you pull out of your PS4).

You’ll need a USB Flash drive that you know works with the PS4. On that drive, you need to create a folder named PS4, and then in the PS4 folder, create another named UPDATE (Make sure that both folder names are in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS)

Next, you need to download a special firmware that’s specifically made for when you’re installing a replacement hard drive (Thanks Sony!)

Download the file to your PC or Mac, NOT directly to the USB Flash Drive

You can find the firmware at this link

It’ll look like: Download Now Click to start the download.

Copy that PS4UPDATE.PUP file from your PC/Mac into the UPDATE folder you created on the USB Flash Drive

You’ll need two screwdrivers. One flat-edge to help pry the cover open on the new external hard drive, and a Phillips screwdriver (on the smaller side) to get the drive caddy out of the PS4, and to get the 4 screws out of the drive.

Now, watch the video and follow along!

Some have asked about using a Hybrid drive. I’ve been using one for a few weeks now, and in my opinion, the minimal performance increase pales in comparison to having almost 2TB of storage. You can take that for what it is though, and these instructions will work with any compatible drive.

The same question has been asked regarding full SSD drives, which are very fast in comparison. Yes, the speed is nice, but the cost per GB, and the fact that SSD drives still don’t come with very much total storage available, limits the full benefit of using one. Again, my opinion, and if you have the cash, go for it.

Written by Glenn Percival

Glenn Percival

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    Awesome job, Glenn!

  • Keith Dunn

    Terrific help!

  • Lu-Cipha

    Thanks Glenn, I will be doing this ASAP. Going all digital.

  • HTVfanatic

    Thanks for this Glenn. That HDD seems like a really great deal for only $99!

  • Serc

    Upgraded mine and emailed in about it, very happy I went for the 2TB pointing a friend to this guide to help him get the most out of his PS4 and more importantly PS+ games :).

  • Perry Warren D

    Hi, Glenn! Thanks for this guide! I just have a few questions as I am planning to do this same upgrade. Will a Seagate Expansion 2TB STBX2000401 also work well? I read from other sites that that is a good choice too. Also, seeing as my PS4 is nearly full; (had to delete a few games already,) approximately how many hours will all the backing up take? I am assuming this guide is for a fresh PS4; how about a full PS4? Thanks in advance for your help.

    • You can only take your game saves up to the cloud. You will have to re download all your games on ps4. There is no other way to do it

    • Yup, it should work fine. You can’t do a full backup like on PS3. The video details all of that.

  • Joshua Simpkins

    I forfeit drive capacity and went with sheer speed instead. I’m running a Samsung 840 EVO SSD in my PS4 and holy smokes! Shaves off a good 40% to 60% in loading times in most games. Some games it only shaves off around 20% or so, but most games load substantially faster. Unfortunately the drive’s smaller capacity limits the total retail game discs I can have installed at any given time down to around half a dozen or so.

    Still, I have no regrets. Forget nasty old spindle based mechanical hard drives. That’s old and lame technology… Only good for media archiving, nothing more.

    SSDs are far more reliable, perform at a substantially faster read/write rate, use less power, output less heat, and have a better warranty period than a spindle based mechanical drive. The one and ONLY con is price..

    A 512GB Crucial MX100 SSD will set you back around $200 USD. (Amazon)

  • Jahonius

    Great step by step video, Glenn!
    Seagate should pay you for thousands of HDDs they sell thanks to you!

    • If you used our Amazon link, then we DID get paid 🙂

  • Graf Ulrich 88

    Hey Glenn,

    I installed a 1TB SSHD when I got my PS4 at launch and have enjoyed it very much. I put in before I even turned on the system and used the method as you have shown above to install (IGN was showing a video on how to swap HD’s for PS4). I really enjoy the amount of space and speed for such a reasonable price $108, but I paid $88 because of $20 discount on Amazon.

    Seagate 1TB Solid State Hybrid Drive SATA 6Gbps 64MB Cache 2.5-Inch ST1000LM014 (Currently $99.00). Please use the Amazon link via PS Nation.

    I plan on get one for my sons PS4 possibly this year or early next year.

  • D.j. Burr

    better believe I’m gonna use that link once I’m ready

  • Finally picking mine up. gonna be a long day re downloading everything

  • Heath Byars

    Need help says I need a usb for reinstallation for version 1.76 and I have the drive in the ps4

  • Mario

    Just wanted to make a few comments in case there is someone out there fallowing this guide and got stuck like me. First thing, when you download the firmware to your USB drive, make sure it is the 900mb, not the 350mb. I accidentally downloaded the 350mb because I didn’t know any better and freaked out when it didn’t work. Second, when you install the 900mb, if you had already installed the 350mb the name of the download will change to PS4UPDATE-2.PUP, make sure to change the name to PS4UPDATE.PUP like the guide mentions. Once you do this it will work and the stupid CE-3 bla bla will go away. Another useful tip is use a usb drive that is 2gb or less, not sure if this helps. It’s all I had but I read on somethings that people were having trouble with larger usb sticks. Hope this helps someone who is stressed out like I was if they are fallowing the guide and not sure why it isn’t working!! Take care.

    • Ernesto C

      I am having the same issue you were having. How do I find the 900mb firmware?

      • Mario

        It’s still on the same link they provide to, you just need to scroll down till you get to “Perform a New Installation of the System Software”
        read the choices in download. One is 350 or so and the other is 900, should be the second one below the 350, you have to click on the small black box within the sentence that says download now and has two arrows next to it, like this “download now >>”

  • Dimitris Kapnisi

    What should I do ?

    in flash memory I have the version 2.57

    What is the problem?

    I need help Glenn Percival

  • Greg Norris

    Hey guys, many thanks fopr the great info, video and making it so easy. Just before I do start, can you confirm that the firmware provided is also suited to PS4 in Australia. I am guessing, from the video and the languages etc, that is is, but I was hoping to get some final confirmation please. Cheers


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  • brother

    I think I was done with everything in nearly the time the video ran awesome tutorial and I have a decent portable hard drive to go with my 2tb ps4

  • Jennifer Krieger

    Thanks Glen . . . we finally updated our hard drive tonight – your Canadian friends Matt and Jen.

  • Matt Krieger

    Was very helpful, still going through the digital gaming pile and checking save files. Great vid thanks.

  • Fabio Azevedo

    Hi Glenn, I’m living in Germany and I couldn’t find the STDR2000100 you recommended but I liked the idea to use the casing afterwards. The only version available here is the STDR2000200 ( Do you know if it uses the same hard drive? I cound’t find the detail on that.

  • That’s twice I’ve used this guide now, excellent, thank you!