Bungie Lists Changes Coming to Destiny


As some of you may have noticed when you went to your favorite exploit spot in Destiny yesterday, it was fixed. Bungie have patched the game and have made a post on the Bungie Blog detailing some of the fixes/changes made in the last patch as well as what they plan to work on in the future.

The details on the list include your basic game balancing specifically with Strikes with them expected to become less of a grind. Weapons will see some changes too; Shotguns are expected to be nerfed a little as their range is too big currently, auto-rifles range will be adjusted, and scout rifles will see a bump in damage.

A big thing that will be addressed in the future is the current voice communication issues with opt-in voice communication to be added to Strikes and the Crucible in the near future.

For the full list of changes and fixes coming to Destiny check out the blog post on Bungie’s website.

Source: Bungie

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