EGX London 2014: Lords of the Fallen Impressions


After hearing that Lords of the Fallen is being compared to Demon’s Souls with a splash of Darksiders, I was intrigued. At the Square Enix press only event during EGX London I had a chance to chat about the game and get some relaxed hands-on time with this upcoming fantasy action RPG.

Lords of the Fallen is set in a harsh world where humanity has defeated its God and locked his lords away. It became a perfect society with no criminals. When an army starts to re-emerge from its demonic realm, led by the formidable Lords, humanity turns to an unlikely defender for help. Harkyn, a once banished criminal is released from prison with a chance at redemption. Your character is the best of the worst. Whenever a cardinal sin is committed a rune is placed on their body as a constant reminder and for everyone to see and Harkyn is covered in them.

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In a similar style to Dark Souls there are different routes to take and shortcuts back to other areas you’ve previously visited. Similarities don’t end there either as once killed your ghost is left behind which you can make your way back to and collect it along with the lost XP. However if you leave it, your character is stronger. It can be a very devious risk or reward balance, especially when fighting a boss.

Some enemies re-spawn which caught me off guard the first time. After killing two of the weaker enemies that I encountered in the game. One of them began crawling along the floor in utter agony. I thought it was just a cool looking death animation, until it slowly got back up and came after me again with every last ounce of strength it had.

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Strength and weight of amour dictate how fast and nimble your character moves around. As well as your weapons, try to jump and roll around whilst wielding a heavy hammer and you might just find yourself in a tight spot. I was told some of the play-testers have taken on some bosses with their character in just underwear and dual blades making them very agile. You can quickly and easily change your equipped weapons and amour in the pause menu, thankfully unlike the some other games, it pauses the action as well.

Gauntlets can be equipped which provide powerful and spectacular magic.Some fire out grenade like projectiles, or poison. But only if your mana bar is full enough. Having a gauntlet equipped means you cannot hold another item in that hand so it forces you to change play styles and technique depending on your adversary and the surroundings.

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My time with the game played out entirely in some weather worn catacombs, dark and dingy hallways that opened out into a small courtyard where even the sunlight looked bleak. After killing a few weak monsters lurking in the hallways I was charged by a very large armored knight that swiftly killed me. After several attempts I was told to lure him into the courtyard where it fell into a trap that I didn’t even notice before and had walked over several times.

I used a mixture of weaponry and found the sword and shield worked well against the enemies I faced but hardly scratched the knight. Maybe I should have tried the hammer? But that’ll have to wait for the full game as my time with this beta build was over. It turned out to be a lot better than I expected with only a few long load times and some screen tearing which should be ironed out before this hits retail.

So we have a character and weaponry that wouldn’t look to out-of-place in Darksiders in a world very reminiscent of Demon’s Souls, complete with the punishing enemies and bosses. Environmental traps which can not only hurt you but the other creatures inhabiting the world. The developers, CI Games and Deck 13 seem to have taken the things people love about a few great games and mashed them together in what looks to be a game now high on my must buy list.

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Written by Chazz Harrington

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