EGX London 2014: PlayStation TV Impressions


When I first set foot in EGX London 2014 I went straight for the large PlayStation area and to the PlayStation TV. It was early and only a few hundred people had made their way into the massive arena so I had the section to myself, in the beginning at least. They had two 32-inch HD televisions about two feet apart on their own stands, both had an identical image on-screen. The stunning DRIVECLUB in all its visual glory.

The first TV had a PlayStation 4 beneath it behind a locked glass door, the other TV just had a DualShock 4 and a well hidden PlayStation TV (PS TV for the Europeans). Now for those of you who aren’t familiar with what the PlayStation TV is I will briefly explain. It’s essentially a PlayStation Vita without a screen and controls, for that, it uses your own TV and a DualShock controller. Now what makes this such an enticing product is the Remote Play functionality which allows you to stream a PlayStation 4 game into another room using your WiFi. So if your partner/kid/annoying relative invades your gaming pleasure on the main household TV, you can grab a controller go into the other room and continue playing.


It can also play most Vita games*, stream movies and music** and even play Ad-Hoc with other Vita’s or get some friends to join in with a four player game, provided you have enough controllers and friends of course. But with regards to Remote Play many people were wondering how well it would function. Many factors could ruin the experience, a high latency being the biggest worry, especially with twitch heavy games like a first person shooter or a racing game.

I sat down in a large bean bag chair in front of the TV and grabbed the DualShock 4. After a few races I almost forgot it was streaming, I couldn’t notice any issues with delay or quality of the image. I would occasionally glance over at the other TV and try to see a delay or difference but couldn’t see anything apart from an identical display. You might be thinking that it was a trick but I managed to get the PlayStation rep to show me the PlayStation TV connected up.

I went back later on when the place had filled up to check again and have to admit I did notice two occurrences with the screen artifacting very briefly, which is basically a loss of edge clarity to things on-screen. I doubt it would have happened under normal circumstances in a home setup but even when it did I continued to race and it happened so fast I don’t think a casual observer would have even noticed.

I came away from the PlayStation TV area with only one minor complaint, those stupid bean bag chairs. No-one looks good trying to get out of one of those. Everything else was brilliant and any worries I had are a dot in my rear view mirror.

* See current list of compatible games here.
** Music and Movies Unlimited is only confirmed to be supported at the moment with many more services like Netflix due at a later date.

Written by Chazz Harrington

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