Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will be Cross-Buy


The next Call of Duty will be following in Destiny’s footsteps as it will be Cross-Buy. This means that if you purchase the PS3 version of Call of Duty: Advance Warfare digitally from the PlayStation Store it will unlock the PlayStation 4 version of the game for free. This also includes all the DLC for the game as well. In addition, the PS4 version will unlock the PS3 version, something Destiny did not do. For those wondering, stats and in-game progress will transfer between versions.

The deadline for the Cross-Buy promotion is March 31st, 2015. Another restriction is that only one version of the game can be pre-loaded. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is out on November 4th.

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  • Jahonius

    Cool… The last COD I played was Modern Warfare 3. Maybe I’ll pick this one up!