Another DRIVECLUB Update Released to Help Server Issues

Evolution Studios are still continuing to work on the server troubles that have been plaguing DRIVECLUB since it’s launch.

On Monday night the DRIVECLUB Facebook page released this update:

“Continual upgrades to the DRIVECLUB servers are building a steady increase in performance, meaning that we’re getting more and more players connected.

The next server update is coming within 24 hours and will mean we can start to switch on more of the online features, so that you will be able to play more of DRIVECLUB online.

We are sorry that we don’t have more concrete news to share right now, but please be patient. We will have more information for you tomorrow.”

As gamers we never want to see a game suffer such setbacks right out of the gates, so it is good to hear that more of the game’s features will be switched back on soon. Hopefully in the next week or two Evolution Studios can get the servers straightened out, and move on to bigger and better things.

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Written by Shawn Hiers

Shawn Hiers

Disabled gamer. Married Father of 3, and playing since the Atari days. I have a passion for all things Lego and an avid Toy Collector. I am also an huge Doctor Who Fan and can talk all things Who for hours 🙂

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  • ChazzH69

    We can but hope.

  • Mathew Bover danteofsmeg

    I feel the reviews are premature given that this games seems a server heavy game like battlefield should this review be delay, like the battlefield one was, until servers are 100%.
    Do you think this impacts on the score? i have not played as would rather not buy it until its fixed and cant play free plus version to see what its like.

  • ChazzH69

    As time ticks on I feel more frustrated by the situation. None of this would have happened had they implemented a large scale beta. It’s so annoying to see that little red ticker behind the car with ‘Unable to connect with DRIVECLUB servers’.

    That being said I’m still enjoying the game and look forward to when it’s sorted out.