SingStar PS3 to PS4 Song Compatibility Confirmed

Not long until the release of SingStar: Ultimate Party and we have some more details on it. Including some more information on the PS3 songs that we already own. Earlier on the PlayStation Blog, Jenny Murphy – Producer, SCEA posted the details below, and then replied to RichardXBL in the comments asking, “How are the song rights going to work for music previously purchased through the PS3?” Jenny replied with..

“If you own it on PS3 and it is available on PS4, and you log in with the same PSN account, the song can be downloaded again at no extra cost on your PS4”

Another comment by  Matzenegger_ who asked, “Anyone know if the PS2′s mics are compatible with the PS4 version of Singstar?” Jenny quickly replied saying,

“Yes, wired SingStar mics will work with the PS4 version of SingStar.”

Check out an extract from the main article detailing more on the Mic app and loads more..

singstar-mics-screen Not only have we given the game an awesome interface overhaul, there are also tons of cool new features that I want to tell you about in a bit more detail.

No mic? No problem. The free SingStar Mic app can turn your smart device into a microphone in no time. Simply download the app on your iOS/Android smart device, connect it to the same wifi network as the PS3 or PS4 and get going instantly.

To enable all your friends at the party to get involved and have a go at winning (or failing miserably!), we’ve added an awesome playlist creator to the SingStar Mic app too so they can line up songs whilst the singers are entertaining the room 🙂 Pick any of the songs available on the PlayStation you’re connected to and just cue them up. Basically, no more waiting on the indecisive people in the room to decide if they want to sing Pharrell’s Happy, or Lionel Ritchie’s Hello.

singstar-screen-01 singstar-screen-02

Have you got a competitive streak and like to beat down your PSN friends? Once you’ve finished your performance, you can challenge your PSN friends to beat your high-score. When practising for those weekend parties it’s a chance to challenge friends and hit them with your best scores. The high scores refresh weekly to keep the competition fresh and the challenges coming.

And we are expecting to see some awesome performance videos. If you have a PlayStation 4 camera you can now use it to create all kinds of amazing effects in your videos and snapshots. Swap colour filters during gameplay and transform yourself into your favorite music persona using the fun new AR masks, and add a bit of atmosphere with some funky lighting effects. Check some of the effects and masks below.

singstar-screen-03 singstar-screen-04

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