Review: Mike Tyson Mysteries (TV)


Title: Mike Tyson Mysteries
Format: 30 Minute Animated Television Comedy
Original Air Date: Premieres Monday, October 27, 2014
Studio: Warner Bros Animation
Channel: Adult Swim, Monday nights at 10:30 Eastern/Pacific Time
Main Cast: Mike Tyson, Norm MacDonald, Jim Rash, Rachel Ramras
TV Rating: TV-MA
A pre-broadcast viewing was provided by the studio for review purposes.
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Mike Tyson has experienced a resurgence in his acting career since he appeared as himself in The Hangover in 2009. Mike Tyson Mysteries presents him with his greatest challenge. Because anything can happen in an animated series, Mike Tyson is confronted with a cavalcade of crazy characters and wacky situations that real Mike will never face.

With a definite nod to Scooby Doo episodes from children’s Saturday morning television of the 70’s, Mike Tyson Mysteries has its own gang of disparate sleuths. There’s Mike’s adopted Korean daughter Yung Hee, voiced by veteran voice over artist Rachel Ramras, the ghost of the Marquess of Queensberry, voiced by Jim Rash of Community who won an Oscar in 2011 for Best Adapted Screenplay for The Descendants, a pigeon who once was a man, voiced by Norm MacDonald who is simply a comic genius, and then former heavy-weight boxing champion and reformed ear cannibal Mike Tyson himself.


Without spoiling any jokes, Yung wants to go to college, the Marquess of Queensberry seems to live-up to his name, the pigeon is a horny drunkard, and Mike wants to make the world a better place. The fact that he gets to beat-up people is just a fringe benefit.

The gang hangs-out at Mike’s house until Mike decides it’s time for another mission. Missions come by carrier pigeon. The premiere episode, numbered episode 191 and called “The End”, concerns helping a famous writer finish his novel. Or does it?! Insert evil laugh, and all other laughs, here.


The show is on Adult Swim, the night-time cable network which shares space on the same channel as The day-time Cartoon Network both owned by Turner Broadcasting System.

It’s been a long time since a new animated show was this irreverent yet somehow retained its innocence. Mike Tyson is the source of that innocence. He sings unlikely songs, doesn’t like the dark, spouts malapropisms and actually cares about his cohorts. There’s no cynicism here, just good belly laughs. This comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


* All screenshots used in this review were provided by the studio.


Written by Keith Dunn-Fernández

Keith Dunn-Fernández

An actor/director and more lucratively an Administrative Assistant at a small paper company in NYC, Keith loves his games. And he loves to write. And he is a bit of a sarcasmo.

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