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I can’t wait for this one, my favorite board game is coming to PlayStation this holiday. Check out the details below and have a look at my in-depth post on the Hasbro Game Channel with loads of information and screens on all the upcoming games.

Coming this holiday season, you’ll be able to grab the Monopoly Family Fun Pack in retail stores or as a digital download. Take Monopoly to the next level with an exclusive game bundle that adds a modern twist to a classic game.

Get access to three exciting Monopoly modes: Monopoly+, My Monopoly and Monopoly Deal. Play in a 3D city (or on the traditional 2D board if that’s what you prefer) and use your gamepad or – if you’re on a new-gen system – your Smartglass or PlayStation Application functionalities to navigate through the game and keep an eye on your progress. Manage your money and properties from your second screen. Monopoly+ also lets you take photos at special moments throughout the game and display them for all to see on the PS4 and Xbox One.

MONOPOLY PLUS_20140827145909 monopoly-screen-05

My Monopoly is an extension of Monopoly+ that allows you to customize your board. Complete challenges in all the modes to unlock more customization options. There are over 120 2D and 3D elements to choose from right off the bat. Store up to nine of these custom boards and show them off to your friends and family. Make each of the 74 squares your own and turn your Monopoly experience into something unique.

Finally, Monopoly Deal offers a brand new experience for fans of the franchise. Compete against your friends in a fast-paced card game in a race to be the first player to get three complete property sets of different colors. Be strategic in your use of Forced Deal, Debt Collector and Deal Breaker cards in order to steal sets of cards and collect debts as you fight to complete your sets. Like Monopoly+ and My Monopoly, if you’re on a PS4 or Xbox One you’ll be able to use your second screen to monitor your deck and keep your cards hidden.

monopoly-screen-03 monopoly-screen-02

Those picking up the Monopoly Family Fun Pack on PS4 or Xbox One will have full access to the Hasbro Game Channel, which allows you to see what your friends are playing as well as try out all the other Hasbro brands. You will also be able to try out unique missions with special trophies and medals. Both My Monopoly and Monopoly deal can be played with one to five people either offline or online and Monopoly+ can be played with one to six people, offline or online.

The Family Fun Pack also includes a free Rabbids add-on pack that will let you play on a customized Rabbids board in Monopoly+ as well as use a wild and crazy Rabbids token as your game piece.

MONOPOLY PLUS_20140811095810

Source: UbiBolg

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