PS Nation Community Member Spotlight – November 2014


PS Nation is nothing without you, our dear community. As we have said many, many times before – we have the single best community. It is because of YOU that we are able to continue with the podcast, the website and everything else that we do.

Our community is full of fantastic, interesting, great people – and now it is your time to be recognized.

Every month a new community member will be featured in the PS Nation Community Member Spotlight during which we will dive into some information about them as a gamer. This is not only a perfect opportunity to recognize some of the great members of our community but also to gain more interaction within the community as well.

And so, without further ado, here is your November PS Nation Community Member Spotlight.

PS Nation Community Member Spotlight – November 2014


“Thanks to PS Nation for making this even possible. My parents said gaming wouldn’t amount to much… Look at me now, Mom, I own November!  Seriously though, Im hyped to be the spotlight member this month, I look forward to playing you all. “

What are your online gaming IDs?
PSN ID: Blunt_Whisperer
Gametag: Donaldjames

Tell us a little about your gaming history. Favorite system? How long have you been a gamer? First game you played?
Whew, I was real young, 4, maybe 5? (currently 25) There were two games that really caught me, both on my older brother’s NES; I didn’t get my own console til the SNES when I was a bit older. Those two NES games were Snake’s Revenge and Punch Out! I wasn’t even old enough to understand how to really play Snake’s Revenge but I remember trying to run through the levels over and over. Favorite system would have to be the PSOne, or the PS4. I remember getting my PSOne and playing Gameday ’99 and just being blown away. And the PS4 is an obvious beast that just keeps getting gnarlier by the day.

There are few things that have really been a steady part of my life consistently. Video games have always been a consistent source of joy and I’m glad I get to share those moments with the people that want to come chill on Twitch. It still is nuts to think how far games have come, just in my short gaming career.

How did you first get involved with PS Nation?
It was about a year and a half ago. I started working overnight and picked up listening to podcasts daily. Found the podcast and slowly became a frequent visitor to the site. I respect Glenn and Josh’s opinions and honesty towards the product being discussed. Not to mention, they have some great rants when they go off the rails. Always a good time.

Thinking of all of the games you have played, what are your absolute favorites? Why?
The one that takes the cake is easily Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. I put in stupid hours in this game, like months of play time, don’t have the exact number off top. That game, besides Halo 2, was what online gaming was to me. Other then that, I am a huge fan of the Skate series. Tony Hawk Pro Skater was always a great series and Underground was amazing. But as a skater in real life, learning the controls and landing tricks was like learning how to actually skate again. Skate was very unrealistic but it gave you the option to really change your play style to try to simulate real skating in a way Tony Hawk Pro Skater just couldn’t.

What game(s) are you currently playing the most?
Currently, there are just too many good games to play. I leveled up in Destiny to like 27 but I never even finished the story, it was just empty to me. So I’ve been playing a lot of crucible, actually got an exotic drop the other day on very average game. Good ol’ random drops I guess. Other then that I’ve been playing through the Shadow Warrior remake, and despite its bad control scheme, the boss fights are more thought out then anything I played in Destiny. Oh, and lastly, Pix the Cat. This game is addicting for some reason; it’ll just eat hours. I’m currently 15th on the world leader boards for Vita. Hopefully you’ll see me get top ten.

We’re about to be inundated with new releases due to the holidays. What games are you looking forward to the most? Why?
Releasing this year I’m most excited about Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Lords of the Fallen, and Little Big Planet 3. 2015 has me anxious for Bloodbourne.

Are you interested in being next in the Spotlight? If so, send an email to Kyle with ‘PS Nation Community Member Spotlight’ in the subject line.

Written by Kyle Jessee

Kyle Jessee

Your lone Kentucky writer on staff. Loves the Big Blue Nation, rock music, and Resistance 2 (the best in the series).

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