Destiny Update 1.1 now live


Another large update/patch has hit Destiny today Monday December 1st, 2014. This patch is all about exotic weapons and the raid.

You can read all the patch notes here. However I’m going to go over some of the things that I feel are pretty major updates to the game.

During the raid on Venus called Vault of Glass you fight a boss about half way thru the raid. This boss is called the Templar. There was a way to “cheese” this boss and push him off the edge of the map by throwing grendades at his shield and the boss would move away and eventually fall off the map. This has been fixed. How this has been fixed/changed is unknown at this time. It also appears that they have addressed the issue with Atheon not teleporting the correct number of players during his encounter.

Another major update came to the exotic weapons. Now nearly all exotics got some sort of upgrade or downgrade. I will not go over them weapon by weapon but they are all in the patch notes.

One of the biggest changes that players will notice comes to the way you upgrade exotics. You will no longer need ascendent materials to upgrade you exotic armor or weapons. The last row of upgrades for each exotic piece is now different. Ascendant shards/energy are no longer required for exotic upgrades. They are still needed for legendary upgrades. The final upgrade circle now requires a Exotic shard. These new shards can be obtained in two ways. You can either dismantle an unwanted/needed exotic weapon/armor or they can be purchased from Xur for 7 strange coins. Reminder Xur is only in the tower Friday mornings to Saturday evenings.

destiny exotic weapon

Destiny Exotic armor

The other change has come to Destination Materials (Spinmetal, Helium, Relic Iron and Spirit bloom). These materials previously could only be “farmed” by looking through chest and pretty much running in circles until you get enough chests that have needed material in them. These materials can now be purchased at either the Vanguard or Crucible QuarterMasters. You can purchase these items by using 10 Vanguard/Crucible marks for 20 pieces of material.

Destiny Quartermaster

I feel that all of these changes are good to great changes. Yes Bungie telling you how your going to fight a boss kinda sucks however the way he was being defeated was kinda unfair. The change to material farming is huge. I feel this makes earning the weekly marks for vanguard/crucible even more important. Making the exotic better is also a good thing. All of these changes are also in preparation for the Dark Below Expansion that is launching next week.

Let me know you thought on these updates/changes.

Written by Dave Hunt

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