Resogun PS3 and Vita – Price and Details


PlayStation gave us a few details of the upcoming port of Resogun, the brilliantly addictive shooter that launched the PlayStation 4 in style. The port of Housemarque‘s classic title is being handled by Climax Studios, who proved their worth with bringing Dead Nation to PS4 and Vita. PlayStation announced via Twitter these details:

Just to confirm that’s from December 23rd for North America and from 17th December for EU.

My big question is how well will these older and far less powerful systems cope with this visual feast? It doesn’t look like we’ll have to wait long to find out. Check out the trailer:

Pedro Sousa, XDEV Studio Europe had this to say on the PS Blog:

“The biggest technical difference is that the PS Vita and PS3 games run at 30 instead of 60 FPS like the PS4 game does. This was a very difficult decision to consider, but a very necessary decision to allow the team to focus on what was possible and to make the best game possible for both of these platforms.”

“Because we don’t want you to miss anything, the PS Vita and PS3 games have Cross-Save functionality, so you can share your progress between both platforms.”

“The PS Vita version also has ad-hoc co-op so that you can team up with a friend. It also makes use of the touch features so you can fully customise the controls, using either the face buttons or the touch controls for any action possible. You can even throw humans with a swipe of your fingers on the rear touch pad!”

Sounds and looks great, let us know what you think in the comments below.

Written by Chazz Harrington

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