Final Fantasy VII Coming to PS4


Final Fantasy VII is coming to the PlayStation 4 next year…just not the way people expected. For years fans of the series have been demanding a remake of the PS One classic, but it appears they will have to keep begging and demanding. Instead a port of the PC version will launch on the PlayStation 4 in 2015 and with some updated visuals running at a higher resolution. This should appease some fans of the series and give them a nicer running version of their favorite game.

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  • John Davidson

    For a second I thought it was going to be a crazy bombshell… I’m not sure who at Sony thought that was a good idea, reminded me of the Vib-Ribbon mention in the last conference. Do you really want me to buy a 4th copy of this game?

  • Darth-Cruncher

    I have avoided the event all weekend, sat down in the last hour to savour all the news. The headline had me catching air, heart beating; then the disappointment hit home 🙁 Lazy, very lazy SE. I will not buy this, gutted.

  • Boy did this cause a shit storm at PSX. SE love to troll their fans.