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If you’ve been a listener of PS Nation for a while, you might remember our infatuation with Fat Princess. Ultimately, online issues on PS3 kept it from being truly great, but that never stopped us from trying to hook-up for Fat Tuesdays, and even with all of the issues, the game holds a special place in a lot of our collective hearts. Now, Funbits are returning to the cake loving princess. But this isn’t the same competitive multiplayer game that we’ve all known in the past.

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Many in the Fat Princess community complained that the story elements had never been addressed in the previous games in the franchise. But worry no longer, because Fat Princess Adventures is all about the story, and what we played is fantastically fun. The demo we played charged us with escorting our princess to safety (even though she does a good job at defending herself.) In more of a linear dungeon crawler implementation, you’ll fight your way past hordes of enemies and environmental hazards as you work together or on your own to complete missions and progress through the world. The classes from the previous games are back, and along with the customization options you know and love, you’ll now be able to apply specific personalities as well (our favorite so far is the ‘Emo’ one.)

The goal of the developers is to let you play the way you want, so if you don’t want to play with anyone else, the game will scale to how many are in the session. Up to 4 players can work their way through the story, either with 4 people on the couch, or any combination of on the couch and online. All 4 classes are available again, and you’ll be able to change your class at any checkpoint, with no limitations on how many can play a specific class.

Controls are easy to pick-up, and you’ll quickly have a smile on your face as you battle through waves of foes. The visuals have also gotten a huge upgrade, with a plethora of colors, wonderful artwork, and a generous amount of detail in every aspect of what you can see. Effects are plentiful as well, but the game never has a problem keeping up with the action.

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Remember being able to turn others into chickens? Yeah, you can still do that. Growing huge when you eat too much, yup, that can happen too. A new and very cool item is “Awesomesauce” which powers you up for a limited time, and it’s really cool to use.

There’s no mention if any competitive multiplayer options will be made available, but honestly, it’s cool to see this new direction for the series. Even cooler is the fact that we’ll be demoing live gameplay on-stage here at the PlayStation Experience on Saturday at 3:30, which is ironically funny since we’ve got a history with the past games. Personally, I’m incredibly excited to play the full game. The section we played was an absolute blast to experience, and I can’t wait to play it again.

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