PlayStation Experience 2014: Hands-On With Tearaway Unfolded


I got my first hands-on with the upcoming Tearaway Unfolded and came away quite impressed. It’s a reimagining of the original Vita game geared to work with the uniqueness of the DualShock 4 which came into play pretty quickly in the demo.

tearaway-unfolded-psx-screens-10 tearaway-unfolded-psx-screens-09

New puzzles have been added to the game where you’ll have to pick up an object like an acorn or a squirrel, tilt the controller up, and then “throw” it into the controller. You’ll then have to swipe the Touch Pad forward to throw it back at a target on screen. It works really well and adds a fun new dimension to the game. I did however notice some people having trouble understanding the mechanics of it but I picked it up pretty quickly so we’ll have to see how it’s received. Drums that you could bounce on are also handled by the Touch Pad and new puzzles are tied to this mechanic as well.

One of the really fun additions is the flashlight. Holding down L2 and R2 simultaneously allows you to “shine” a flashlight into the screen to disorient the enemy scraps. Doing so will allow you to guide them off cliffs and into holes. It’s another fun way to handle the control switch and take advantage of everything the PS4 has to offer.

tearaway-unfolded-psx-screens-05 tearaway-unfolded-psx-screens-04

The game plays and feels just as whimsically as its Vita counterpart which was the only thing I was concerned with. The world of Tearaway translates beautifully to the PlayStation 4 so fans of the original are in for a real treat.

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Written by Josh Langford

Josh Langford

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