Episode 404 – PlayStation Network Not Found


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31:18 – CoD: Advanced Warfare
32:40 – Driveclub
35:43 – Killzone Shadow Fall
49:37 – Escape Goat 2
50:40 – Nidhogg
56:50 – The Binding of Isaac Rebirth
1:00:40 – GTA V
1:01:30 – Luftrausers
Break music from Descent 2
2:03:50 – Retro City Rampage DX
2:22:42 – Wing Commander
Comedian is Greg Proops

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Written by Glenn Percival

Glenn Percival

Just a guy that loves games, movies, Golf, Football, and Baseball.

Podcast Co-Host, Editor-in-Chief, Video Producer, and whipping-boy

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  • Keith Dunn

    That banner is gonna confuse some people! ROFLMAO!

    • ChazzH69

      What banner, it didn’t load. lol

  • Cant wait to listen to this today. Only podcast I listen to that has one this week! Thanks!

  • cnpalmer

    Ok I got a bone to pick… the downtime of the PSN outage CANNOT be equated to the gas shortage of the 70s! WORST, ANALOGY. EVER.

    No one was pre-paying for gas as a service, they were purchasing the gas at a point in time, it was an exchange of goods, a simple sale transaction.

    With PSN you are paying for a service. And you guys let Sony off the hook TOO much on this WAY too often. I understand you don’t want to rock the PlayStation boat but seriously, from the eyes of any “regular” consumer, the inability to use a paid, advertised service multiple times throughout the past few months is unacceptable. I ask, if you couldn’t use your cell phone for 2+ days would you still be prepared to pay for it those 2 days? If you didn’t have electricity for 2+ days, would you still be expected to pay for electricity? Have you ever complained to Comcast or Time Warner because your service was down and asked for a refund?

    The paying for a service by a consumer that is inaccessible for an extended period of time, multiple times, should constitute a refund to said consumer. Despite how small or large that refund may be. Otherwise, the service provider could just shut down for weeks w/o explanation or reprise to the subscriber.

    • Yeah, I was tired

    • ChazzH69

      However the impacted service was due to circumstances beyond their control. Regardless it states in their terms of service:
      “We may take down the SEN and/or any of its products at any time for any duration and for any reason, including for investigation of any security incident and for carrying out system maintenance and upgrades.”
      The only expectation I have is that this is giving the actual people at fault another reason to do cause more misery and annoyance to the companies and their consumers.

      It all depends on who is at fault when referring to the disruption of a paid service. For example, if I could not use my mobile/cell phone due to a lightning strike hitting the cell tower. Any presumption of compensation would be surely be arrogant on my part and any gesture by the provider would be purely up to them.

      • cnpalmer

        These attacks cannot be deemed “Acts of God/nature” though so the argument of the lightening strike becomes slightly moot. I certainly wouldn’t expect a refund of my PSN service charges if someone broke into my house & stole my console. Also, they did not take the service down themselves so therefore their own ToS actually helps my case. If they had posted it was “Down for Maintenance” they might have found a backdoor exit to CTA (Cover Their A**es) that would have followed the ToS statements then I’d be inclined to admit they were covered to do as they pleased. The reality is this was neither their doing nor was it unavoidable; there’s plenty of mitigation techniques they could deploy to help combat a situation like this; they didn’t do it the first time and looks like they didn’t so it this time either. The ownership/responsibility is on them and if we as consumers ever expect to see that change we need to be vocal about it. Again, I was never in that boat of expecting free games for life mentality, I just want what I paid for to be rightly compensated for not getting to use what is rightly mine. In the times of lawsuits of the ilk “I’m fat because McDonalds made fat” Sony needs to take a hard look at their consumer base & decide what they are going to do to help the collective “us” before someone gets lawyer’d up and really does get free games for life.

        • ChazzH69

          I did not call it an “Act of God/nature” but purely used it as an example. Allow me to use a different one. If someone defecates in a sports clubs members only swimming pool and therefore it cannot be used while the staff clean it, would you expect a day to be added onto your yearly gym membership?

          Apparently they did shut down the network after this incident while they carried out an investigation of any potential security breach. It’s part of their standard practice and protocol ever since the major network breach in 2011.

          • cnpalmer

            I know you didn’t call it that but it is inherently that in your example. If there was an earthquake that toppled their data center where the servers were I wouldn’t expect compensation for that…

            To answer your first question, if the ONLY service I subscribed to was “swimming” and that was denied me because someone dookied in the shallow end and I lost access to my paid service of pool swimming, then yes, I would say well where’s my compensation for not having this service for 2+ days. Again, I paid for service that was denied me, you got my money, I didn’t get my service.

            If you subscribed to a wine of the month club and spent $600 for the year ($50/month) for a new bottle of wine and lets say August comes around and because of some draught in Napa Valley the grapes wilted so the bottle you were supposed to get that month never came. Does the company get to keep your $50 that month because hey its not their fault it didn’t rain and their contract says we may not deliver your bottle on time?

          • ChazzH69

            I fear we will never reach an apt conclusion to our hypothetical scenarios. I will end this discussion here by stating that I agree with your ‘worst analogy ever’ comment.

            Thanks for your comments on the site and I hope to see more of them in the future.

  • Craig Dalrymple

    Never have an internet connection that is a gig? We would never need more than 640k either. 20 years ago 10mbps was a pipe dream — now its a average pipe.

  • Ultima-X

    Ah, the oh so infamous error 404 message. Oh and PSN outage too.