PlayStation Now Subscription Program Announced


Today on the PlayStation Blog it was announced that we will be getting a subscription based plan for PlayStation Now on PS4. When the PlayStation Store updates on January 13th, PS4 owners will have access to over one hundred games that were released on PS3.

$19.99 for one month or $44.99 for a 3 month subscription grants you access to the library of PS3 games on PlayStation Now. Check out the trailer for some of the highlights of games you can play. Based on the video many more games are coming to the service on January 13th.

PlayStation Now is a cloud based gaming service that Sony has had in open beta for the last few months. Users have been able to rent games in increments of time from 7 days to 90 days.

Want to try the service before you buy a subscription? PlayStation Now will have a free 7-day trial available to download on January 13th as well. Also there will be a PlayStation Now PS4 theme to download. If you download this theme you will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a year-long PlayStation Now subscription.

Let us know your thoughts. Will you be trying out this service? What do you think of the pricing? Do you want a yearly plan as well?

Source: PlayStation Blog

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  • Jahonius

    Cool. $20 / month is really not bad at all, but I don’t think a lot of people will agree with me.
    I hope they bring the service to my region soon, because there are tons of games I haven’t played yet on PS3!

    • Makai Ookami

      Let’s say you don’t have a PS4. Let’s say you just have a Samsung or Bravia T.V.

      You can buy a controller, and suddenly you can play hundreds of games just for the price of BUYING a PS3 for 10 months.

      Sure you won’t be able to play it EVERY day, but you don’t feel like you’re gaming anymore because you’re too busy, you can cancel the subscription.

  • London Rhodes

    I was hoping for a 14.99 price point. However considering all the licensing nightmares they probably had to deal with it, the pricing isn’t surprising. Well Sony can have my 20 bucks.

    • Makai Ookami

      allegedly there is a $44.50 for 3 month subscription to the service. That means that you can get about $15 a month.

      Just think if you can add it to the cart, and buy a year, you can use that “We got DDOS’d here’s your 10% off please don’t hate us it wasn’t our fault” voucher they are sending out to save another $5. So maybe $12 a month for the first 3 months.

      So 1 average priced PSN game per month for 3 months gets you the entire Now freaking library.

      Best yet, you don’t have to make room on a hard drive for all that stuff.

  • I wish they had a year option

    • Makai Ookami

      I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t. I don’t think they want to release it yet though because it’ll probably be $120 or so, and people tend to be kinda stupid, so you have to lure them in with low price points.

      $100 dollars is too much. It has to be $99.99 to get people to go “Oh what’s this” sometimes.

      Just like when parents buy a 12/16GB PS3 and a couple 5GB+ install games or an Xbox 360 4GB edition and they buy them GTA V, and Halo 4, and the kid can’t play any of the new games because the parents aren’t THEN going to go out and spend $100+ on a hard drive and then Christmas is ruined!

      They saw the cheap price. Before that it was the console, oh and NOW I need to buy memory cards? What? Oh and I need to buy a network adapter? What? Oh I bought you the expansion pack but you have to have the original game too?

      This is why I don’t like Amiibos. Good luck getting a parent to figure out what game works with which Amiibos.

      • London Rhodes

        Nooooooooo. The Math. Noooooooo

        Seriously though thats a good idea.

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  • HobbitHubby

    The problem I have with the current price point, is that saving for a used PS3 and buying used game is 1) cheaper in the long run and 2) wont have to deal with input lag or PSN outtages.

    • Makai Ookami

      It won’t be cheaper in the long run to buy a PS3 and the games.

      Unless you’re going strictly indie titles.

      Most retail titles will be $10-20

      100 games is 1 thousand to 2 thousand dollars. So you’re looking at a starting point of around $1200 dollars. A PS4 is $400. A 3 month sub is $45.50 so it’ll take about 4 or 5 years for the PS3 to be cheaper than your starting point.

      A year of PS Now is basically the price of 3 brand new games the service will start off with all you can eat access to 100+ games and will only get bigger. Going digital only it’s the absolutely cheapest option because download sizes will chew up that hard drive and digital is way more expensive.

      Remember that 4 years price tag is the $200 PS3, and 100 $10 games. PS Now is the $400 for a console and $45.50 price tag.

      We haven’t started to factor in hard drive costs. Or internet costs. Both will have issues with both.

      • HobbitHubby

        But looking at the list of substription titles, how many of those can you honestly say you want to pay to play?

        • Makai Ookami

          I would argue about 80% of that library is at least worth a try.

          Saints Rows, Critter Crunch, Fighting games, The Last of Us, Uncharted, the Sly Cooper Collection, Ratchet and Clank games, Dark Siders 1 & 2.

          I don’t know how someone looks at that list and goes “There’s not $20-45 dollars worth of games I’d like to try”

          It’s the cheapest rental option out there. Cheaper than Redbox, cheaper than $7 for $7 days at brick and mortar stores, cheaper than Gamefly by absolutely miles and all this is even more so at the 3 month pricing.

          broke ass trophy hunters will have a field day absolutely for certain. As long as your bandwidth cap permits, I can’t imagine not trying it for a month or 2. Especially if you want to play all the Blazblue story modes just to see them.

          You also gotta remember lots of people bought the 12 or 16GB version of the PS3, and aren’t smart enough to throw a hard drive into it, and don’t have space to play games, or maybe you have a 360 and you got a Vita T.V. to play Tales of Hearts R because Tales of Vesperia got you to buy a 360 in the first place, and now you have an option to play games on the Vita T.V. with a PS3 or 4 controller that otherwise you never would have been able to play without dropping $200 on a system that’s on the decline.

  • Makai Ookami

    I think the best use case for PS Now, is if all your best friends have it, and you all just play games together. No one will be left out because they don’t have Earth Defense Force 2025 because they only have the other one.

    If someone wants to play Blazblue Calamity Trigger, you all can play too, You don’t have to worry because you got Continuum Shift, and your friend got Continuum Shift Extend, you can all enjoy Xcode Blaze or what ever it is rather than dish out the $40 for a digital comic or however much it is.