Dave’s Destiny Tips: Playing Daily


Do you struggle in Destiny? Do you have questions about how some the mechanics work? I’m here to help you. I love Destiny and I’ve been playing for well over one hundred hours. This game has me hooked and I want to share with you why I love it so much. The best way for me to do that is with a video feature we’re calling Dave’s Destiny Tips.

This week’s tip is about playing the game daily if you can, or at least what you should be doing on the days that you can play. Running the daily Heroic Mission is very important. It grants lots of experience points for your characters, gear, and weapons.

Upon completion of the daily Heroic Mission you will receive random drops. These drops can be anything from ascendant material to legendary engrams. The only guaranteed drop upon completion of the daily Heroic is planet materials (Spin metal, Helium filaments, Spirit bloom or Relic iron). Also finding a public event to complete is key to getting ascendent materials which can help to level up most legendary weapons and gear.

Please let me know what other tips you would like to see. What do you need help with in Destiny? I would really love some feedback as I hope to continue this video series for the lifespan of this game.

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  • David Sambrook

    I would love more tips on leveling up after lvl 20. It felt a little like hitting a wall at that point.
    I get that I need armor with a high light rating but what is the easiest way to get that, how should I best upgrade it and if I have low level armor is it better to upgrade that or to wait for better armor and put the materials into upgrading that.
    Also vanguard marks. I need to get to level 2 before I can purchase items from my vanguard. But I seem to pick them up slowly (typically 100-150 per day) but need 2000 to get to level 2. What’s the best way to get them and is that the best way to use my time?

    Thanks for the tips. They are very much appreciated 🙂

    • Vanguard tips are coming bery very soon

    • Jahonius

      Try public events + Strikes. Fastest Vanguard farming in my opinion.
      Also, don’t forget – RNG god may reward you with some random legendaries

    • David Hunt

      I will be doing a lvl 20-31 video very soon. Sorry I was responding to comments through my wordpress app and they weren’t working

  • HobbitHubby

    Tips on soloing the weekly Nightfalls please.

    • Dont

    • David Hunt

      Bungie has recently updated the game to actually make this more difficult. There are plenty of groups on facebook and other websites where you can find people wanting to do night falls. Solo play is very dangerous as death resets progress

  • HayaruKawai

    Is there a way to get 36 light armor playing solo? or is that RAID only armor?

    • As of now the raid is the only way. Raid gear is only 36 light gear ither than exotics. But you can only hace one exotic equipped

    • David Hunt

      There sometimes is. Iron banner last week had light 36 gloves. But in order to reach level 32 you will have to play the raid

  • John Montegudo

    Thanks for the tips. So I shouldn’t join a war cult? I thought that helped you level up. I left my Titan at lvl 20 and got distracted by Far Cry 4 but I’m almost done with it so I will be going back to see if I can get to 30.

    • David Hunt

      I have a factions video coming very soon. I break down the pros and cons of this.

      • John Montegudo

        Sweet! Now that the features are pinned I’ll be able to find the video. If I wanted to see the older ones you’ve done I assume they are all on the PSNation YouTube channel.

        • David Hunt

          Actually this is an older video. In re doing the why you should raid weekly since when I did it the dark below wasn’t out yet. So I will update that. Especially with hard mode out and all the weapon drops

          • John Montegudo

            Cool. Now we all now where to find them on the website..I’m still at level 20