Soul Axiom Coming to PS4 This Year

Soul Axiom

Soul Axiom is a sci-fi adventure puzzler by Wales Interactive and it is aiming to launch on PS4, Xbox One and WiiU sometime this year. Soul Axiom is currently in Early Access on Steam with a full release on PC in Q2 2015 and the console versions are targeting a Q4 2015 release.

Soul Axiom is a first person perspective game in which the player is uploaded to a super server named Elysia where “death has no dominion.” The game focuses on exploration and puzzle solving and has a stylish science fiction setting, here is the Early Access Trailer to have a look for yourself.

For more information on Soul Axiom check out their website here.

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  • London Rhodes

    I got this confused with Axiom Verge. Seems a little weird for two games with the word Axiom to be coming out around the same time. I’m much more interested in Axiom Verge those.