Support for YouTube and Maps Apps on PS Vita is Ending


This could be the beginning of the end for PlayStation Vita Support, or just a spring cleaning of some applications that weren’t being used by most PS Vita owners anyway. Regardless of the reason, this isn’t a good sign of things to come as Sony ends support of the YouTube and Maps applications.

Check out the links and details below:

The YouTube app info. Links – US, EU :

The YouTube application for PlayStation®Vita (PS Vita) will no longer be supported after 20 April 2015, and the application will cease to be available for download from PlayStation®Store on 28 January, 2015.

Users can continue to enjoy YouTube via the “Browser” application, and will be able to access their YouTube data, such as playlists and channels, by signing in to the same Google account via the “Browser” app and on other devices.

The Maps app info. Links – US, EU :

All features of the [Maps] application and some features of the [near] application will be disabled with the PlayStation®Vita system software update planned on March, 2015.

Functionalities of the applications will be removed automatically once users update their PlayStation®Vita.

The disablement of features will not affect gameplay.

So what do you think of this news. Is it good, bad or do you even care? Let us know in the comments below.

Written by Chazz Harrington

Chazz Harrington

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  • tonyp1987

    I think they didn’t fork out money for the update from YouTube so they trying to save money I guess I used the app on my vita but it’s cool as long as there are games coming out for it still

  • London Rhodes

    I’m huge fan of my Vita and I use the Youtube feature often. It’s pretty sad that Sony is just going to bury it.

    • Makai Ookami

      Sony isn’t burying it. Everyone attacks it because fuckers want clicks. Nothing more but clicks and the Vita story isn’t feel good enough and besides no one cares about feel good anyway.

      So Sony views it as a niche’ device because everyone is attacking it like retards with their heads cut off, and somehow they still are alive and trolling away.

      • London Rhodes

        Wow you are calling people fuckers and retards and yet you think they are the trolls? Hilarious. These are gaming sites reporting the relevant news.

        Sony dropping Youtube support is a BIG deal. It sends a clear message about what they think of the future of this device. Also I believe you are indirectly supporting my point. If Sony thinks of the Vita as a niche device. Then it stands to reason that they won’t support it in a major way, i.e., first party games, marketing and securing third party support. Personally I want more than JUST indie games.

        • Makai Ookami

          Sony did a bunch of support early on, and then they didn’t get really good sales, and so they’re not doing multi million dollar developing on the Vita because of that. They did cross-buy with anticipated titles, they gave it a lot of tools, for success, and it’s not succeeding.

          I don’t know if Sony should pull a MIcrosoft and throw 1/4 of a billion at the Vita to get it truly successful, but throwing money at it didn’t work, throwing software support didn’t work, I don’t know if marketing will work…

          Calling it “The beginning of the end for Vita support” is kinda jumping the gun. Maps isn’t relevant to 80% of Vita users, (Near…. is nice, but odd at times and kinda butts heads against the Vita TV) and Youtube support, is kinda up to Youtube.

          To then cast this as the end of the Vita, seems like doom and gloom click baiting, and you get tired of every article that seems to crop up being “Vita is going down”

          • ChazzH69

            I feel like I need to jump in here. First off I didn’t imply this was the end of the Vita. I’ll insert my actual text here, so you don’t have to scroll back up the page and misread it again:
            “This could be the beginning of the end for PlayStation Vita Support, or just a spring cleaning of some applications that weren’t being used by most PS Vita owners anyway.”

            If I had wanted to click bait I would have had a different title for this article and not stated the facts.

          • Makai Ookami

            I wasn’t trying to say you were click baiting. I’m just saying that the reporting on the Vita tends to be lots of click baiting of doom and gloom, and I’m getting tired of the gloom and doom articles.

            This article has some useful information. But how useful? What games will the Maps feature actually affect? How much will Near be affected?

            I’m more just upset at journalism in general, I wasn’t attacking your article in general Chazz, I was just pissy because everyone I know who has a Vita, went from “Why should I get one, it’s terrible” to excited and amazed, and loving the exclusives, and I think it’s because the general trend of reporting tends to be negative.

            I would really like to know if Modnation Racer’s World Tour thing will work after the Near update so that if I travel. THAT is the kind of stuff I need to know. What Near features are being disabled at what that means for me as a gamer.

          • ChazzH69

            Nothing was mentioned by Sony about how this will affect Near and I assume it will vary depending on the game.

          • Makai Ookami

            I know, but that’s why I don’t find the info too terribly helpful.

            It raises concerns, and contributes to Vita hate from the gaming community, without answering anything important about the practicalities.