Dave’s Destiny Tips: Factions and Vanguard


On your road to Max Level in Destiny the game changes dramatically after Level 20. The road to Max Level is all about your Light Level (for now). The game will not just give you legendary gear, you have to earn/buy it. What’s the best way to do that? Which armor should you buy? What weapons should you get? All of these questions are answered in today’s video. Keep in mind if you working on earning reputation for a faction you should have the faction class item equipped on your player. If you’re just working on leveling up your Vanguard rank make sure you don’t have a faction class item equipped. This is shown in more detail in the video below.

Please let me know your thoughts on these videos. Do you enjoy them? What other tips can I offer you? Your feedback is appreciated good or bad.

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  • Scoomp

    Such a love, hate relationship towards this game. I personally love the grind but raids are so frustrating with ppl jumping shp after 5 attempts on a section. Still have yet to beat a boss on a singular run. Hell, still have never beaten a boss with a checkpoint. Smh

    • Jahonius

      Wow, I’m exactly opposite!
      I love the raid and all the shooting with friends and randoms, yet levelling my gear is such a drag!

      • David Hunt

        I enjoy leveling up rep and weapons. However right now I’m kinda feeling overwhelmed with all the weapons that I want to level up.

        • Jahonius

          Speaking of which, I think it will be a good idea to do a weekly segment of Dave’s Destiny Tips.

          Nightfall Soloing
          – it’ll give you and viewers a little challenge!

          Just a suggestion, hehe

          • David Hunt

            Yeah that’s not gonna happen. One of my best tips on destiny would be to not play anything alone. Maybe a few of the basic bounties but nothing after that.

          • Scoomp

            I soloed the weekly heroic strike up until I got to the nexus. Then I had a couple buddies jump on to grab the 9 coins. Not sure if I could have finished it without their help to be honest