Mekazoo is a New Platformer Coming to PS4

mekazoo logo

The Good Mood Creators, a Seattle based studio announced today that their puzzle platformer Mekazoo is coming to the PlayStation 4 in Q4 of this year. Mekazoo features five “mekanimals” that are tasked with defeating an invading insectoid army. Players will control a speedy armadillo, an acrobatic frog, a springy kangaroo, a sturdy panda and a flying pelican. Each of which have their own special abilities that will be used to gain access to certain areas of a level or complete specific tasks.

The first trailer for the game is out and it shows a gorgeous sidescroller in a 3D environment that is showcased with camera pans between the 2D and 3D perspectives.

Mekazoo will also release for the PC, Xbox One and WiiU.

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  • tonyp1987

    Will this come to vita?