Dave’s Destiny Tips: Iron Banner


Iron Banner is a special event that Destiny developer Bungie brings into the Destiny world as they choose, usually about once every six weeks or so. This is an unbalanced Crucible mode where your level, armor, and weapons matter. In the regular Crucible mode the damage you take and receive are balanced out while in Iron Banner it’s not. This is not a mode that I would recommend playing if you are a light level 24 as the higher levels will dominate you.

This week’s Iron Banner has some decent rewards for you to earn. Your reputation level is reset at the beginning of every new Iron Banner event. As you earn reputation by winning matches you will be able to purchase items from Lord Saladin. There is a twelve hour buff that is available for you to purchase for one mote of light and this gives you an increase in earning reputation. This buff also increases day over day so the buff at the beginning of the week is less than at the end of the week and you can purchase as many as you’d like during the week.

There are also gauntlets and boots that will help you get to level thirty-two as well as an above average legendary shotgun and scout rifle. Equipping Iron Banner perks such as Emblems, Class Items, and Shaders all give you an additional small boost to your reputation.

Check out the video below and let me know your thoughts. Will you be playing the Iron Banner this week? What other tips would you like to see? Come join the forums and check out all the interesting threads we have going on. Thanks for watching!


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  • Lifendz

    Thanks for the tips. Question. Will iron banner armor get you to level 32? I thought you needed all raid or three raid and an exotic max.

    • David Hunt

      Yes it will only the gloves and boots. You will still need raid helmet and chest. Or exotic helmet/chest.

    • Jahonius

      Any armor piece with “Light : 36” brings you up to character level 32.
      So by having all Light 36 gear, your level should be 32.

      One thing though, Don’t get turned off by your current level, because I’ve seen some 29~31’s that do much better than 32 characters 🙂

  • HayaruKawai

    Yeah, remember first get the buff then go into the Iron Banner crucible matches. LOL