Review: Far Cry Compilation (PS3)


Editor's Note:
The US Far Cry Compilation contains three games:

  • Far Cry 2 DLC code
  • Far Cry 3 on disc
  • Far Cry Blood Dragon DLC code

In the UK the compilation is titled Far Cry: The Wild Expedition and it contains four games:

  • Far Cry 1 DLC code
  • Far Cry 2 on disc
  • Far Cry 3 on disc
  • Far Cry Blood Dragon DLC code
Title: Far Cry Compilation
Format: Blu-ray Disc
Release Date: February 11, 2014
Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Ubisoft Montreal
Original MSRP: $29.99 (US), €29.99 (EU), £29.99 (UK)
ESRB Rating: M
PEGI: 18
Far Cry Compilation is also available on Xbox 360, and PC.
The PlayStation 3 disc version was used for this review.
A copy of this game was purchased by the reviewer.
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Each game sees you traverse an open-world environment wreaking havoc and blowing things up all the while building up your skills and equipment as the stories progress. Far Cry 2 lays the foundations for the series and lets you know what to expect. It stumbles and stutters at times but still holds up well today. The story isn’t brilliant but the pyrotechnics and freedom are. There is still something very satisfying about this brutal sadistic game that punishes you at the worst time with jamming weapons, devastating brushfires and the most annoying disease that has you running around for pills to stave off its deadly effects.

Far Cry 3 takes that punishment and the sardonic aspect of its younger brother and molds it into one of the best villains I’ve ever encountered. Vass is insane and brilliant. You won’t forget him after playing this game, you’ll also find it dull when playing other games set in an open world that doesn’t feature wildlife that not only can attack you but also your enemies. It’s a massive world that looks hand-crafted and beautiful, not only on land but underwater too. But what makes Far Cry 3 one on my favorite games on the PlayStation 3 is the freedom to approach most of it however you like. Want to clear out an outpost? You could unleash the caged leopard and let it do most of the work, or set a fire and watch the enemies flee. My favorite is using the stealthy and silent bow & arrow to dispatch most of the guards and then creep in and perform some silent takedowns on the few remaining.


Far Cry: Blood Dragon is a game that thinks it was made in the 80’s while being set in the future, 2007. This separate standalone game has a brilliantly over-the-top story with nuclear war and cyborgs. Just like Far Cry 3 you can opt to sneak around but I found the guns blazing approach to be a lot more fun this time round.

This is a great selection of games that must be played and experienced. Especially the unique wit and charms of Far Cry: Blood Dragon, a game I often ask to be remade for the PlayStation 4, come on Ubisoft, you know you want to.

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Ubisoft managed to create a fantastic game engine that evolves in each game and still looks great today. Far Cry 2 suffers the most with frequent screen tearing but all is forgiven when you set light to some sun baked grass and watch the horrific consequences.

Far Cry 3 uses the same Dunia Engine from the earlier game, but this time it’s had a massive overhaul and now looks even better. Set on some tropical islands with golden sandy beaches and rich green palm trees, you’ll almost wish you could visit in real life. The level of detail increased massively and pushes the PlayStation 3 even more than before. Sadly the screen tearing is still here but you’ll barely notice it as everything looks so damn good.

Far Cry: Blood Dragon is an entirely different beast than the other games, but in some ways even better. It uses the exact same engine but plunges the world into darkness with neon and an 80’s style all of its own. I love the numerous and often funny touches the developers added to this game, like the loading screen looks like a VHS tape complete with tracking slider, though the younger readers might have to Google that one.

… if you are new to the series then you cannot go wrong with this …

Awesome explosions, thumping gun fire, and lots of wildlife make up most of the audio you’ll hear in these games. The music takes a giant leap in the third game and is excellent. Combine that with the nefarious and insane Vass and you’re in for a treat.

Ubisoft hit it out of the park with Blood Dragon as they get the amazing voice talent of Michael Biehn, famous for films like The Terminator, Aliens and The Abyss. Biehn perfectly fits the look and feel of the game, as does the old-school soundtrack from Australian group Power Glove who expertly crated some iconic tunes for each mission.


This game had a multiplayer mode that, at the time was okay and offered some enjoyment but after all these years isn’t worth mentioning.

The value offered in this collection is brilliant. Far Cry 2 is a good and enjoyable game that loves to punish the player making the rewards that little bit sweeter, Far Cry 3 is absolutely fantastic and Far Cry: Blood Dragon is pure perfection. All of these games deserve a place in everyone’s collection and if you are new to the series then you cannot go wrong with this.

Whatever the reason Ubisoft had for the content differences with the US and UK releases I still think this is a great collection to buy and offers tons of entertainment no matter which version you buy.


* All screenshots used in this review were provided by the publisher.



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