Dave’s Destiny Tips: Glimmer!!


Glimmer is one of the most important items you need in Destiny. It’s used in almost everything. You need Glimmer to buy ammo, to upgrade your weapons and armor, to buy exotic upgrades from Xur, and to buy weapons from the gunsmith.

As you progress higher in your Light level you begin to fight enemies that are lower level than you, and only small amounts of Glimmer come from kills of enemies that are at a lower level. So how do you get Glimmer quickly? Using your consumables to help you is the best tactic. As you play the game you pick up items from each type of enemy. These items are Ether seeds (Fallen), Resupply codes (Cabal), Blue Polyphage (Vex), and Black wax idols (Hive). All of these consumables last ten minutes and help you and your fireteam draw more Glimmer out of each enemy. Here is the main way I “farm” Glimmer when I need it in a pinch.

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Written by Dave Hunt

Dave Hunt

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