Atari Blocking Future TxK Releases


A legal battle between Atari and TxK creator Jeff Minter over TxK has boiled over. According to Minter, Atari issued him legal papers that as of now will prevent him from releasing TxK on other platforms that include the PlayStation 4 and PC. It is also being reported that Atari will seek to have TxK removed from the Vita‘s library.

Atari is accusing Jeff Minter of stealing “secret” source code from Tempest 2000 which Minter personally coded himself and Minter has stated that he did not use any Tempest source code for TxK. Another accusation includes Atari claiming that the two soundtracks are identical despite TxK being an original soundtrack. Other claims include issues with the ship in TxK being able to jump and claims that the Tempest name was used to promote the game or “cash-in” on the Tempest legacy.

There is a full letter posted by Jeff Minter on Pastebin that has more details.

Eurogamer reached out to Atari and received a statement from the company:

“Atari values and protects its intellectual property and expects others to respect its copyrights and trademarks. When Llamasoft launched TxK in early 2014, Atari was surprised and dismayed by the very close similarities between TxK and the Tempest franchise. Atari was not alone in noticing the incredible likeness between the titles. Several major gaming outlets also remarked at the similarity of features and overall appearance of TxK to Tempest; one stated of TxK, ‘This is essentially Tempest.’ There is no lawsuit. Atari has been in continuous contact with the developer since the game launched in hopes that the matter would be resolved.”

Source: Twitter and Eurogamer

Written by Michael Cwick

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