PS4’s 2.50 Firmware Out Tomorrow.


The much anticipated and long promised Suspend/Resume feature will finally be available tomorrow when the PlayStation 4 receives its 2.50 firmware update. The update codenamed “Yukimura” that was leaked by beta testers a couple weeks ago and confirmed by Sony is ready to launch. The system update features a ton of new features and enhancements that have been detailed before, but here is a rundown on some of the highlights.

Suspend/Resume – Games can be resumed from Rest mode without losing progress or having to save.
Back-up and Restore HDD with USB – Back up your PS4 to a USB drive which will help upgrading the HDD easier.
Social Enhancements – These enhancements include using Facebook to find people, a streamlined friend request and party system and more.
Trophy Enhancements – Automatic screenshots when a trophy is earned. Delete Trophies with a zero percent. Share Trophy info via social media
New Accessibility Options – Enlarge texts, swap buttons and more
60 fps – Share Play and Remote Play can now run at 60 frames per second.
Sub Account Upgrade – Sub Accounts can now be upgraded to Master Accounts.
Verified Accounts – Now important people can have a verified badge.
Dailymotion – Now you can upload to Dailymotion.

The PlayStation Blog has all the details on the update that will drop tomorrow.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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  • Really excited about this update. I love the trophy part of it!