Just Cause 3 – Gameplay Reveal Trailer


I’m lost for words.. the JUST CAUSE 3 gameplay trailer looks frickin’ awesome.

Written by Chazz Harrington

Chazz Harrington

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  • Roger Cannon

    Few people on the planet loved “Just Cause 2” more than I did. I’m not, however, impressed with a bunch of explosions. This looks like a trailer for “Lethal Weapon 16”. Show me the gameplay. Tell me that we’ll still get to use the grapple/chute mechanic in the same or similar manner as before. Convince me that I’m not going to be disappointed. Explosions… harumph! – Signed: Grumpy Old Gamer Guy

    • ChazzH69

      Yes the grapple* and chute** mechanic is staying and you can also combine it with the wingsuit. They have also improved the driving with the help from some people they hired from Criterion’s Burnout team.

      * They also added the tension ability which can pull the wire(s) together.
      ** Movement has been improved to allow more control.

      • Roger Cannon

        Thanks, Chazz. You’ve put my heart at ease. I’m a little shocked that the grapple/chute mechanic didn’t catch on as I thought it would. It was not easy to master but once you did… I played through the game 3 times, that’s how much fun it is.