Idea Factory Brings Otomate Visual Novel, Amnesia: Memories To Vita In August

Amnesia: Memories Banner
Not to be left behind by fellow publisher of Japanese games, XSEED, Idea Factory has released some new, English screenshots of their upcoming Vita release Amnesia: Memories. First released in Japan in December 2013, Memories will be the first of the Amnesia series to reach North America in game form.

If this is the first you’re hearing of it, Amnesia: Memories casts the player as the heroine, a girl who has lost her memories and is suddenly faced with the prospect of meeting her boyfriend of whom she can remember nothing about. Yet, for reasons not clear in the description of the game, the player must make choices so that the heroine behaves so that her boyfriend doesn’t find out she’s lost her memories.

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The newly released screenshots feature Kent, the boyfriend. He is described as:

rather brusque […], a mathematics graduate student who always tries to take a bird’s-eye view of matters. He has a tendency to take amusement in phenomena that can’t be clearly explained by logic. The people around him, along with their emotions, are subjects of his observation. For Kent, even love is something that needs to be explained with logic.

Amnesia: Memories is what is commonly called an otome game, generally a visual novel or simulation game in which the player plays a female character and must choose among several potential “love interests.” Gameplay consists of choosing what to say in conversations and doing well in minigames, leading to branching storylines and multiple different endings. Think Mass Effect as FemShep, without all the shooting. Recent examples of these types of games released in the US include, Hakuoki: Stories of the Shinsengumi and Sweet Fuse: At Your Side.

Amnesia: Memories comes to Vita, digital only, in August. If you want to check out the Amnesia series ahead of then, an anime series of the same name was released a few years ago and is available to stream on

Written by Albert Chen

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