Action Henk! Coming to the PlayStation Family

Action Henk! Banner

Curve Digital has announced that they will be bringing RageSquid’s Action Henk! to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and Vita (with 3-way cross-buy), as well as Wii U and XBox One, this year, currently scheduled for third quarter release.

Per their press release, Curve describes Action Henk! as “a blistering race through a toybox world, where a cast of classic action-figure inspired characters compete to see who is the fastest toy in town. The game challenges players to shave milliseconds off their times by running, jumping and butt-sliding across over 70 challenging levels in a game which revels in almost sonic speeds.” You can’t go wrong with a game that has butt-sliding!

Curve Digital has also provided the following launch trailer:

Written by John Payant

John Payant

Playing games since the late 70s, before the word “gamer” even existed! PlayStation since US Day one 9-9-95. I hope I write better than I play :).

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