Superbeat Xonic coming to PS Vita!


One of my favorite series on the PSP was DJMAX. The rhythm game series from South Korean studio Pentavision managed to push out seven titles on the PSP and one on the Vita (plus some arcade, PC and mobile titles). Several years ago Pentavision was bought out and many of the staff for series left the studio. Those staff reformed under a new company, Nurijoy. After whetting their teeth with an arcade rhythm game (Beatcraft Cyclon), Nurijoy announced a partnership with Sony of Korea in March of this year to produce music games for the Vita.

Earlier today, PM Studios announced plans to bring Nurijoy‘s first Vita game, Superbeat Xonic to the west. Xonic is planned to have 45 songs with a variety of difficulties and play modes and the game will support both touch screen and button control schemes. PM Studios‘ CEO Micheal Yum confirmed that they would have a trailer on hand at E3 and I’ll follow up if I can find out any more information from him while I am there.

In the meantime, do we have any other DJMAX fans here? Sound off in the comments!


Source: Kotaku, Nurijoy

Written by Andy Richardson

Andy Richardson

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