RESOGUN Expands With New Ships And Humans, Soundtrack Out Now

Resogun Soundtrack Cover

RESOGUN Season Pass holders, after RESOGUN Defenders (reviewed here, by Andy), did you think it was over? Well, I have good news as today, Housemarque is releasing more new content for you.

First up, the official soundtrack mentioned in the Season Pass description is finally out; 17 tracks composed by veteran video game composer, Ari Pulkkinen. Like the Bloodborne soundtrack release on PS4, RESOGUN’s soundtrack downloads as an “app” which you can either listen to while looking at the images of the game on screen, or you can extract the songs from the “app” and load them into any audio playing device. Here’s the tracklist:

  1. Main Theme [3:23]
  2. Acis [3:56]
  3. Acis Boss (Rotatron) [1:56]
  4. Ceres [2:28]
  5. Ceres Boss (Stormruler) [2:12]
  6. Decima [3:52]
  7. Decima Boss (Atomikube) [1:33]
  8. Febris [3:4]
  9. Febris Boss (Doomsphere) [1:58]
  10. Mefitis [3:01]
  11. Mefitis Boss (Serpentinus) [3:12]
  12. Avernus [4:33]
  13. Exitium [4:22]
  14. Phasmatis [3:30]
  15. Fabularis [4:18]
  16. Detrimentum [1:02]
  17. Credits [3:29]

RESOGUN Gets WipEout
Next up, if you hadn’t already made them yourself in the ship editor, Housemarque is releasing a ship pack featuring five AG vehicles from the WipEout series Feisar, Piranha, Auricom, AG Sys and Qirex. Not only do these ships look like they’re from WipEout, they also have had some of their traits translated over into RESOGUN as well, effecting each ship’s speed and weaponry.

Finally, Housemarque is also releasing three more Human packs, each containing two Human types that have until now only appeared in the game at specific times during the year.

Season Pass holders get all of this free. For everyone else, the soundtrack is 4.99€ / £3.99 / $7.99, the WipEout ship pack will be 3.99€ / £2.99 / $3.99 (price per single ship: 1.49€ / £0.99 / $1.49), and the Human packs 0.99€ / £0.79 / $0.99 each.

So, money-wise, my Season Pass at $7.99 was totally worth it.

Written by Albert Chen

Albert Chen

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