PlayStation Nation’s E3 Coverage


As your favorite go-to for all things PlayStation, we would like to make things as easy as possible for you to follow our E3 coverage.

To begin, the main page of our coverage is here.

For more immediate news, if Twitter is your thing, stay tuned to our page @PSNation. Our other floor agents can also be found on Twitter:

Josh @PJFJosh
Andy @andyscout
Dave @d_hunt
Emrah @embelievable1
Michael @The1stMJC

Holding it down at their home bases are:

Albert @trioptical
Chazz @ChazzH69
Damon @ziatiger
Hannah @iamhannah
Jason @Jason_M_Honaker
John D. @TheLastJD
John P. @jpayant_games
Keith @keithpdunn
Kyle @bbnkyle
Raj @GoonerRaj
Shawn @Smag99
Vinny @Biddaman

Here are links to some of our other E3 pages, in one spot to make your life easier:

PlayStation Blog Live
Twitch TV
Sony Media Briefing
Bethesda Media Briefing
EA Media Briefing
Microsoft Media Briefing
Nintendo Direct
Square Enix Media Briefing
UbiSoft Media Briefing

Posts will be flying hot and heavy starting Sunday the 14th. Don’t worry, the crew will be working hard for you!

Written by John Payant

John Payant

PlayStation Nation editor and writer. Been playing games for over forty years. Maybe someday I’ll actually be good.

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