E3 2015: Star Wars Battlefront gameplay shown


During their press conference at E3 today, EA and DICE showed off the first, public, gameplay video for Star Wars: Battlefront. See the video below.

The trailer showcases the battle on Hoth with the Imperial army setting siege to the Rebel base. To hold off the enemy, players on the Rebels side had to defend and activate specific control points. After a couple of minutes of what seemed to be an even fight; we begin to hear the ominous, iconic, breathing of a Sith behind the player. Just as the breathing begins, we see a fellow Rebel player get lifted up into the air and puts his hands around his neck, like he is being strangled.

Turning around the player is face to face with Darth Vadar.

The camera switches to inside the Rebel base where we see Luke Skywalker join the fight to even the odds. Has he makes his way through the battlefield en route to Darth Vader, we see Skywalker block and deflect enemy lasers, use his lightsaber to cut down a few enemies, and even use his force powers.

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Written by Kyle Jessee

Kyle Jessee

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