E3 2015: 2K Announces New Hunters and a Monster coming to Evolve


2K and Turtle Rock studios announced Evolve Hunting Season 2. Evolve Hunting Season 2 will introduce 4 new Hunters and 1 new Monster. You can either purchase the new characters in a bundle or a la carte. The first character is Lennox, he and the Evolve Hunting Season 2 bundle will be available on June 23rd, 2015, and all 5 character will be available before March 31st, 2016. Evolve is now available for the PlayStation 4, X-Box One and PC.

Evolve Hunting Season 2 trailer,

Gameplay video of Lennox and the Assualt Class in action

Josh’s Review.

Stay tuned for news and updates from E3 2015.

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