E3 2015: Hands-On with Mother Russia Bleeds


Taking place in an alternative U.S.S.R, Mother Russia Bleeds is about street fighters that are tired of the criminal element that has taken over, and they have set out to take the criminals down. Developed by LE CARTEL and being published by Devolver Digital, here is the dark and twisted world of Mother Russia Bleeds.

Mother Russia Bleeds is an ultra violent beat ’em up that looks to go to a new level of violence and crude humor. Mother Russia Bleeds, when you first get your eyes on it, pops with vibrant colors. The art is pixel based, but comes with intense lighting that gives the game a modern look to go along with its throwback art. And it has a cool soundtrack to accompany it. I highly recommend watching the trailer for the game to see the art style and to see the game in motion because it is a thing of beauty.

What the art style depicts is sick both in design and content as it depicts some pretty f***ed up things. Your fighter in this brawler is chosen from an assortment of drug addicts and mentally unstable individuals. It is basically Bum Fights meets Streets of Rage. The stage in the game that myself and Glenn had the opportunity to play took place inside an S&M club; there were strippers and gimps and that’s honestly all I can say without getting gross. It’s really beautiful how disgusting Mother Russia Bleeds can be.

Combat has heavy and light attacks as well as a grapple attack. The combat is brutal as you are breaking bones and letting blood fly everywhere. The fighters have a power move that happens when you hold down the strong attack then release it to unleash a hellish attack that usually takes enemies down with one hit. The cool thing with this move is that you can move around while holding the attack. This can be helpful with avoiding damage from enemies since most beat ’em ups I have played that have a similar mechanic require the player to stand in place.

Health regeneration is pretty dark too because you stab yourself with a syringe filled with drugs to regain health and go into a berserk mode. This heightened mode leads to brutal special kills and each fighter has a special kill, which are pretty damn intense. I found myself laughing at the absurdity of the kills while also squirming at the same time. When you happen to find your syringe empty though don’t fret because you can fill it up when you kill enemies; some enemies will puke up drugs and if you get to them in time you can fill up your syringe. This game is not afraid to go places, clearly.

Mother Russia Bleeds is an intense beat ’em up that does not have any fears in going to dark places and luckily for the game it plays wonderfully and is a lot of fun. This game will be a 1-4 player local co-op game, alongside featuring online play, and is expected in the Spring of 2016.

Written by Michael Cwick

Michael Cwick

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