Become ZEO? What a Promotion!

It’s midway through 2015, and you know what that means, the release date for 4-player, story brawler Zombie Vikings is fast approaching. While we don’t have an exact release date yet, my logic is undeniable, but I digress….

In anticipation of the game, developer Zoink is running a series of contests over the next few, or more, weeks. Each week a new winner will be chosen to be Zombie Executive Officer, the grand prize, which entails:

  • Digital access to Zombie Vikings before the release and extra copies for friends
  • Be painted by Zoink into the game
  • Concept art and a Zombie Vikings t-shirt in the mail
  • Access to a private Zoink forum where the devs will be posting exclusive news about Zombie Vikings and upcoming projects
  • If you’re close enough to Zoink HQ, which is in Sweden, a golden ticket to the Zombie Vikings release party

Week one also comes with the added prize of having your weapon design, if chosen, getting made playable in the game. Head on over to the Zoink blog for more details and to enter.

Zoink is the developer behind last last year’s Stick It To The Man, which Keith and several of us liked quite a lot for its style, humor, and characters, so we eagerly await the release of Zombie Vikings which, regardless of when that might be, comes ever closer.

Zombie Vikings will be on PS4 and Steam at launch.

Written by Albert Chen

Albert Chen

A student of games, I play a bit of everything because I like to see what’s out there. Nothing better than first hand experience when it comes to knowing about games. Current game obsession: Anything MOBA (Paragon, Battleborn, Heroes of the Storm), except, ironically, the most popular ones, LoL and DOTA2.

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